18 methods for small leaf rosewood identification methods

The rosewood texture of the leaflet is very delicate and clear, the combed teeth are bright and round, and the color is natural, the feel is excellent, and it integrates practicality and appreciation. Labotic rosewood has been in a thousand years, and the essence of the sun and the moon is a good product that balances yin and yang. Regarding how to identify the authenticity of the small leaves rosewood, this is common for novices. Next, we will explore the 18 pseudo methods with Xiaobian.

1. The curve -beautiful cattle -wrapped creature owner loves the curve. The curve is beautiful, referred to as Qu Mei. The peculiar cow’s hair pattern of the leaflets must be bent as beauty, and bending is characterized by characteristics.

2. The growth cycle of the small brown eye is extremely long. It is five or six hundred years before it grows into such a small root, so it is fine, so the catheter is small, so the horizontal section of the catheter is brown eyes, which is small. Big? It’s not right. No, no right. Small brown eyes, small, is characteristic.


3. The same volume of density, gram of weight and oily, and the heavier quality, the greater the density. The weight is the scale that reflects the density of rosewood. Generally, we must use a scale to call it. And what is the same volume and density? The difference is in the oil nature, the difference is in fine density. The fine density of new materials and old materials is different. Different oily. (But note: Many electrons are not allowed. It must be a weighing scale. Generally, the density of false leaf rosewood is insufficient, and the weight is not enough. In order to disguise high density, the beads will be greater and the gram is increased. However, if it is true, if it is true Labor rosewood, often pays attention to large artifacts, so good materials will also grow a little diameter, so the diameter can not fully judge the authenticity. It is necessary to combine oily. Only the size, heavy weight, and oily feel are right. Little leaf rosewood. Three elements are combined.

4. Shenshui moby rosewood must sink water. But the sinking water is not necessarily the lobular rosewood. The density is high. Large quality. Must sink water. But Shen Shui cannot be the appraisal standard for lobular rosewood. There are many woods in sinking water. Even if some woods cannot reach the density of lobular rosewood, it will sink.


5, oily lobular rosewood, it is easy to produce good paste. Talking about oily is actually a slurry. It is the oxidation layer formed by the beads. Oily oily will exudes from the brown eyes along the wooden catheter. New beads with good oily properties, put it for one night, or take it out for a few days, and get out of the world. Oil is reflected through feel. It can also be reflected through color. (Oily, density, overweight, and size must be one)

6. In ancient times, there were no dyes. Especially red dyes are more scarce. What should I do? Little leaf rosewood grinding and made into dyes. The dyeing ability is excellent. So use leaflet rosewood and draw on the white paper to leave the color. Like a brush, it is just an expensive brush.

7, good fluorescent wood, good oily lobular rosewood, a transparent fluorescence on the surface after polishing and processing. And it will not disappear because of the game. This kind of wood is put in water for 12 hours, such as putting it in the morning at night to see, as shown in the picture, there is a blue fluorescent in the water. (Fluorescence, there is the surface of the beads, and there is also in the water after the water is soaked. This is a destructive way of identification. The beads soaked are very damaged.)

8. Sound leaf rosewood is high density. Therefore, when hitting, there is a crisp sound, and it will not sink. Cotton and cotton impact, glass and glass impact, is the sound different? Where is the reasons? Different density, so the frequency of vibration after impact is also different. So the audio is also different.

9. The surface of the luster is natural, the luster is soft, and there is no thief. In layman’s terms, there will be no strange light. It will never suddenly reflect, which is particularly bright. Because he is a natural thing, it is wood, what kind of wood will suddenly be particularly bright? He is not metal, not pearls, nor is it emerald, not diamonds.

10. The essence of Venus and Venus is that the “blood vessels” of the trees have been absorbed by the precipitation of the underground minerals in hundreds of years. In the past, it was not the standard for measuring the value of rosewood, but in recent years. Don’t be obsessed with Venus, Venus is unable to find it. The interest is driven, so there are ten stars and nine fakes. Once there are stars, there is no need to say multi -star, let alone full stars, full of Venus, as long as there is Venus, the market price will be above 1,000. Below 1000, unless the relationship is very good, you can get the purchase price. Otherwise it is fake. And the counterfeit methods are all over, and the flowers are full of flowers. The real goods do not necessarily have all stars, and those who have stars are not necessarily genuine. Venus is just icing on the cake.

11. The price is based on real currency. Generally, physical stores will quote 1200-1400, which will be more or less flawed. Otherwise, it will not be close to the comprehensive store, rent, and company cost. Then, the lowest transaction base price will also be around 900-1000. Too low, it’s hard to say. It is not necessarily false, but it is difficult to say. Unless the channel is hard or the manufacturer is directly sold. Can lower the price. For example, do not enter the store, and some channel resources with extremely huge amounts of goods, the price may come down. If you can buy Zhenye rosewood around 600-700 and you still see it, it is absolutely earned. Do not be greedy, but greed must be deceived. One greed, there is a deception.


12, taste leaflet rosewood, not spices. Therefore, little rosewood has almost no taste. There will be no aroma, nor sourness. If there is sour, either other wood, or the chemical smell left after dyeing.

13. There are countless descriptions of the hands -on feel, all of which are text, or pictures, which are the most mistaken for people. All the text and play types need to be seen. In other words, once the real thing is, it is better than watching the text ten thousand times. After the real object is started, according to its characteristics, all one comparison will correspond to it, without any mistake.

14. Sometimes the eye fate is the most mistaken for knowledge. It is judged by the knowledge. Then if the knowledge you learn and appreciate it is wrong, or inaccurate? Maybe the knowledge is right, but you are not studying. What? The textbooks are all good. Why do some people score and 80 points? Some people ca n’t do it? There are zero eggs? Real things, at first glance, it is natural, unintentional, unintentional.


15. Good materials must have good work. Of course, the process of fraud now is parallel to the process of real goods. However, there are also three or six or nine. Some beads are not round and oval. Then, this is likely to be fake, even if it is true, the value will be greatly reduced. It’s like a good dish. As a result, the chefs are different and the taste is naturally different. The same is Sichuan cuisine, the vinegar slippery cabbage of Chengdu snacks is 8 yuan, and the Dongpo of Meizhou is 28 yuan. The same is cold noodles. There are 12 bowls of small shops on the roadside. I don’t want to eat it again in my life. Hanshan Mountain 25 yuan a bowl, I want to eat it after eating. This is the difference between craftsmanship. In terms of craftsmanship, look at the positive circle, and look at polished. The throwing is too thin, the brown eyes are blocked, suspicious. The throwing is too thick, and the brown eyes are like Masaki, which is suspicious.

16. The semi -ingredients from the small hole India are only half of the holes. It’s a large hole. When you come to China, after processing, the other side is opened, and it is a small hole. Therefore, the beads processed by this semi -finished product are the holes on both sides of the beads. At present, there are almost such quality beads, and the big manufacturers have not done it, and they are extinct. But the market is still often seen. It’s like things that have been eliminated by big cities have long been eliminated, and it is still common in the urban -rural binding department.

17. The growth wheel is actually the annual wheel. Pine trees, elm, and willow trees are many years long and fast, so the annual wheels are clearly visible. However, the rosewood of the leaflets is extremely slow and the wood is extremely fine. Only one round of 5 years. It is very fine in a round. Just like a thousand layers of cakes. The number of layers is particularly large, especially fine, like paper, thinner than paper. It was only so thick in 300 years. In 600 years, it is a two -big bowl so thick, that is, it is a big material. His growth wheel is very fine and not obvious. Obviously wrong.

18. 30 times the size of the horizontal cut surface. This is the last step of personal recognition. On the three cut surfaces of the wood, the horizontal cutting surface provides the richest information. We must carefully observe the characteristics of the horizontal section. Compared with the picture, if the lobular rosewood is consistent (if there is no condition, this step can not be done). If you can pass the test of the above standards, you can determine that this kind of wood is a small leaf rosewood. If any step is obviously not in line, it can be determined that it is not a small leaf rosewood. Academy of Science and Technology) Make wooden tree species identification. The real lobular rosewood is to have all the above characteristics, and one must not be less.

Labor fibrillation has the effects of avoiding evils and safeguarding peace, disaster relief, eliminating evils, changing feng shui, for the spirit of the Buddha and spiritual cultivation. Labor rosewood has the effects of town heart, soothe the nerves, relieving blood circulation, anti -inflammatory pain and other effects. Wearing leaflet rosewood jewelry can have an incredible magical force and induction, such as enhancing immunity, preventing aging, stabilizing heart rate, and improving insomnia.

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