Take you in 2 minutes, how do ordinary people become the rich?

Ordinary people can never be the rich!

Do you believe it? I don’t believe it

However, 85 % of people can achieve financial freedom in this life and can only struggle in the muds of mortgages and car loans.


Do you believe this? I don’t believe Q1, I believe it anyway

I am a wastewood youth, the starter

The next thing to talk about is the rich, not the rich, remember that it is the rich, not the rich, but the kind of down -to -earth, step by step, not the kind of wealth overnight.

Why can the rich be the rich?

Let’s see how the rich educate children?

The rich said to the children: Study hard to learn to find and acquire good companies: Don’t be afraid of risks, we learn to manage risks; you have to believe in economic independence and continue to invest; what is money? Money is a kind of thought.

We can discover our shortcomings through the concept of educating children above the rich. Neither our father and teacher teach these? This is why we are still struggling in the “mud”.

Rich -rich self -concept

My father’s father did not graduate from a prestigious university. He only went to the third grade, but his career was very successful. He worked very hard in his life. He became one of the richest people in Hawaii. Churchs, charities and family members have left tens of millions of dollars of huge legacy.


His father had given him many suggestions, and he was so strong in character. It has a great influence on others. In his body, he learned the thoughts of the rich, and at the same time brought himself a lot of thinking, comparison and choice.

His father thinks poverty is the foundation of all evils!


So far, there are still no courses on “money” in school. School education only focuses on the education and training of academic knowledge and professional skills, but ignores the training of wealth management skills. This also explains why many savvy banks, doctors and accountants have excellent grades when they are in school, but they still have to hurt financial issues in their lives; Politicians and government officials, some of them have received higher education, but they rarely receive financially necessary training.

The rich father had a huge impact on his concept. At the same time, his father often said, “The more flexible your head, the more flexible your head, the more you make money, and the more you make money.” In his opinion, “I don’t have the burden on my burden. “This kind of words are a kind of spiritual laziness. When he encounters money, he always finds a way to solve it. For a long time, his financial management ability has been stronger. This result is similar to regular physical exercise to strengthen the body, and regular brain exercise can increase the opportunity to gain wealth. The difference between the rich and the poor in conceptual. His father said: “Tax is a laziness award.” After teaching him to study hard, he can find and be able to acquire good companies. The reason for the rich is that I have children, and encourage money and business during meals, and learn to manage risks. Although his house is liabilities, he thinks that if his house is the biggest investment, then he will have trouble. Pay loans at the end of the period.

In terms of economy, he fully believes in economic independence. He opposes this “reasonable” psychology, and believes that it is this psychology that has created a group of weak people who depend on others. And taught him to write ambitious career plans and financial plans to create opportunities for entrepreneurship. His father always told himself as a rich man. When he rejected something, he would say that I was a rich man, and the rich never did it. Even after a serious settlement made him go bankrupt, he still took himself himself. As the rich. He will encourage himself like this: “The difference between the poor and the bankrupt is: bankruptcy is temporary, and poverty is permanent.” He always believes that money is a kind of power, a thought, and his father encourages him to learn to make money To understand the movement of money and let this law use it for yourself, money must be used for yourself.

Sometimes we always complain about the Tianyou people who say that these people are so rich and do not need to go to work every day. Why are we so good? What must be made by what you can’t see?

We must not do this. Through the above cases, we know that the rich is rich in the concept

Now that we know, the rich and rich in the concept, what should we do? The answer will be announced in the next video

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