New car | MPV equipped with intelligent networking is less than 100,000, 2022 Ruifeng M3 will appear at the Tianjin Auto Show

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[Understand the original 2021 Tianjin Auto Show] On September 29, the 2021 Tianjin Auto Show is about to officially start. The 2022 Ruifeng M3 under Jianghuai Ruifeng will be unveiled at the 2021 Tianjin Auto Show.


2022 Ruifeng M3 will be unveiled at the 2021 Tianjin Auto Show


The demand for 7 models in the domestic market is getting higher and higher. If the budget is limited, you can see that JAC Ruifeng M3, which is positioned in compact MPV. At the Chengdu Auto Show this year, the annual model of Ruifeng M3 and M3 Plus is officially launched. The price is 8.28-90,800 yuan. Compared with the previous model configuration, the second row of optional independent seats are one of the main changes.

2022 Ruifeng M3 sells for 828-90,800 yuan

New car characteristics:

The new Ruifeng M3 Plus uses a large -sized air grille, which is decorated with multiple chrome decorations inside, and the front face is calm. Voicing of polar blue in appearance is more useful.

Newly added polar blue car paint


The side of the body is straight, especially the tail shape is very square to obtain a larger interior space.

The side of the body is straight, the tail shape is square

From the perspective of the configuration section, the 2022 Ruifeng M3 no longer provides a rear wiper and a rear central armrest. At the same time, the short shaft/long axis 1.8 -liter model cancel the engine anti -theft. In terms of standard equipment, the new models adjust the reversing image, voice control, navigation, and front row dual USB interface/mid -row single USB interface. In terms of selection and configuration, the 2022 Ruifeng upgraded the second row of independent seats and rear wheel brakes to options, and the specific selection price was officially announced.

The rear is designed for one -sided sliding doors

Looking back at the 2022 Ruifeng M3 design, the appearance of the new car has not changed significantly, but its newly added polar blue car paint brings some home MPV style to Ruifeng M3. At the same time, the second row of seats in the new car is equipped with a double -seat design, and the second row of independent seats are added. It is expected that it will improve in terms of ride comfort.


The second row optional independent seat


The interior is newly designed, the central control screen is 10.25 inches, and it is equipped with a connected car function. The dashboard has a 3.5 -inch LCD screen to display driving information. In terms of safety configuration, the new car is equipped with LDWS intelligent security driving assistance system to improve active safety performance.

The new car has a new design of the central control area, adding suspension multimedia display


In terms of power, the 2022 Ruifeng M3 is equipped with a 1.8 -liter engine and a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 98 kilowatts and 110 kW, respectively. The peak torque is 182 N · m and 210 N · m. The transmission system is matched with a 5 -speed manual transmission.


Intergenerational relations/competitors/market environment:

Ruifeng M3 sales trend chart

The Ruifeng M3 series was listed in 2015. At present, a variety of models such as the M3 IKEA version, M3 shuttle version, and M3 Plus have been derived. This listing model is the annual version. Because the Ruifeng M3 can provide short -axis and long -axis models, its positioning is also between compact MPV and medium -sized MPV, plus the structure of the car -like car body, so its competitors are expected to include popular Lingzhi and Jinlong Kai, Jinlong Kai Rui Hulk and other models. In terms of sales, the Ruifeng M3 series in July was 2,350 units, ranking third in sales of independent brand MPV.