Chihua Shi started the “Super 5 Star Month” event in Su

On November 20th, Chihua Shi 5 -star mattress launched the “Super 5 -Star Month” gratitude activity in Suzhou 5 -star mattress experience store. It aims to give the Suzhou people’s comfort, value, and fashionable sleeping experience for the 5 -star mattress of Chihua Shi.

“Super 5 Star Month” Thanksgiving Giant Hui Activity as a 5 -star mattress brand IP. The Chihua Shi 5 -star mattress not only creates a number of explosive products, but also has continued to increase the discount. It brings the main series of the main series to consumers. The master bedroom replacement and other offers, allowing consumers to enjoy a 5 -star sleep enjoyment with the greatest discount.


As a Chinese family and residents, the Minhua operating network spans the four continents of Asia, the United States, Europe, and Australia. The products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and China. There are more than 5,000 brands such as “5 -star mattress” and “first class”.


In order to meet the needs of different consumers’ home furnishings, Zhihua Shi 5 -star mattress launched the Zhihua Shi 5 star mattress aristocratic series, Zhihua Shi Mattack gentleman series, Zhihua Shi smart bed series, Chihua Shi 5 star soft soft Four series such as beds. Chihua Shi 5 -star mattress is based on the traditional storage bed to build electric intelligent storage beds. The utility model patented technology independently developed by Zhihua Shi uses the motor electric lifting function to operate the remote control app can freely control the height of the bed rack. Smart lifting, simple operation, pregnant women and elderly people

You can easily replace the sheets and access items.

Not only that, Zhihua Shi 5 -star mattress has also worked hard in the safety of product use: one -click control of the mobile app to prevent children from accidentally touches; the bed frame mattress is fully shifted, and there is no need to lift the mattress to lift it; In the process, intelligent protection is achieved; the mute dual motor has no noise for lifting. At the same time, the motor also uses a weak current low -voltage design. The current voltage is controlled in the human body safety range. It is more assured. Chihua Shi 5 -star mattress interprets a comfortable and convenient smart life with advanced technology. (Gundam)