Work shoes wearable requirements

Equipment for working shoes is a necessary protection measure to avoid related workers when engaged in some dangerous work. Qualified working shoes can play a certain protective role. If an accident occurs, it can reduce the degree of injury of the user, and even protect the safety of the user’s life. It is very important. So how should work shoes be worn correctly? The first Shanghai editor will take everyone to learn about it today.

Working shoe classification


工作鞋,一类是劳保鞋,有着各种防护功能,如防砸、防刺穿、防静电、绝缘、防滑、防化学品、耐酸碱、耐寒、耐高温等,用于工厂、车间、 Laboratory, chemical plants, steel plants, etc.; One is professional shoes, mainly leather shoes, if it has function, only anti -static or non -slip functions are used for staff in hotels, airports or business occasions.


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How should work shoes be worn correctly?

1. First of all, the user should clarify the working environment. Different working environments are different from work shoes, and they also need to choose working shoes size suitable for users. If you need to work in a high temperature environment, you must choose working shoes with high temperature. If your working environment is very low, then work shoes need to have a cold protection function. Therefore, the function of working shoes in different environments is also very different, and users need to keep in mind.

Labor work wearing work shoes

2. Before using working shoes, you must check the work shoes. If you go to a dangerous environment and your work shoes are damaged or cracks, then not only will it not protect the user, but it will increase the burden on the user. Therefore, you must check carefully before using working shoes to avoid hidden safety hazards.

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3. After using the shoes, you must clean up in time. Store in a dry environment and keep it properly. It should be noted that if you use the working shoes of the rubber bottom, you must remember to clean it with water or disinfectant after completing the relevant labor, and then store it after drying it, so as to extend the service life of the work shoes.

High -speed rail staff wearing working shoes

The above are some techniques for how to wear work shoes brought by the first Shanghai editor. Of course, when choosing working shoes, the quality must also be considered. Choosing more comfortable and light work shoes can also help users work better. I believe you will be able to understand the use of work shoes more after reading this article. If there are more problems, please welcome the relevant consultation.


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