The difference between coral velvet and flaw -like coral velvet bedding

We usually need many different materials and fabrics when buying bedding. Different fabrics are different in comfort, touch, and warmth. Just like when we choose a blanket, we often encounter two types of fabrics -flange blankets and coral velvet blankets, so what about these two fabrics? Next, let’s take a look at the coral velvet together. The difference between the price and the price of coral velvet beds is related to the price.

The difference between coral velvet and flange

Coral velvet and flange

珊瑚绒和法兰绒的区别 珊瑚绒床品价格

Coral velvet is a new type of textile fabric. Because of the soft texture, comfortable feel, and coral, it is called coral velvet. Its color is very colorful, has strong coverage, does not drop hair, does not fade, does not afford the ball, and the appearance is still very beautiful, and there is no damage and allergies to the human body. Love is a must -have for winter.

Frankuro is a foreign word, a soft and fluffy cotton fabric woven from rough cotton wool yarn. This fabric is thicker and has good warmth. It can be used to make the upper or trousers of men and women in the spring and autumn seasons. The surface of the flavors has a layer of fluff covering, which does not show out the weaving. The feel is very soft, and the surface is flat, the surface is delicate, and it is very comfortable.

珊瑚绒和法兰绒的区别 珊瑚绒床品价格

From the perspective of the fabric, coral velvet and flaws are comfortable and soft fabrics. But in terms of production, there are many differences between the two. Let’s take a look at what differences they are now.

1. The flange fabric is relatively thick, good heating, and can be used to make clothes.

2. The flaws of the flavors are very delicate and density; coral velvet fluff is relatively thick and sparse.

珊瑚绒和法兰绒的区别 珊瑚绒床品价格

3. If the same pattern is printed on the two, the surface of the flavors will look very clear, and the surface of the coral velvet will appear more vague.

4. The Flat Episode is very particular about the preparation. First, the wool is dyed, and then the wool of the primary color is added for blending. The preparation method used in it is oblique compilation of peace patterns, and on the way, it also uses the treatment of flin and pulling hair, so the last finished product is soft and close.

5. The coral velvet fabric uses polyester fibers as raw materials. It has been heated, deformed, cooled, and sets this series of processes. The coral velvet woven process is also improved and upgraded in the year, and it is constantly adding a new formulation process to make its fabric more layered and richer in color.

6. In terms of feel, there are certain differences between the two. The surface of the flaw is softer and delicate.

珊瑚绒和法兰绒的区别 珊瑚绒床品价格

Coral velvet bedding price

Antarctic Fallai Velvet four-piece 7.5 catties of thick warm coral velvet bed supplies “Recommended” love nest [one touch is warm] 1.5-1.8 meters bed applicable (standard number 2*2.3 meters) ¥ 169.00 169.00

Arctic velvet home textiles Korean style Flera velvet four -piece thick flaw coral velvet sheet quilting bedding package lace warm bed supplies of 1.8m bed (200*230cm) four -piece set ¥ 218.00

Arctic velvet large version of the cartoon Flael velvet four -piece anime crystal velvet warm bedding kit autumn and winter thick coral velvet bed supplies big bear 1.8 meters bed/bed single model/quilt 200*230 ¥ 238.00

Cotton plus velvet four -piece crystal velvet and thick grinding grinding Flalla velvet coral velvet four -piece student three -piece sheet sheet sheets were covered with jy Opi (cotton plus velvet) 200×230 sheet 245×250 pillow case one -to -218.00 ¥ 218.00

珊瑚绒和法兰绒的区别 珊瑚绒床品价格

The above is the introduction of the difference between the coral velvet and the flavors compiled by Xiaobian and the price of coral velvet beds. We can see that the flaws and coral velvet are relatively better. With the popularity of people, the texture, comfort, and appearance of the flavors are slightly better than coral velvet.

The difference between coral velvet and flange