The faucet becomes the number one protagonist in the bathroom industry! It is also the micro -building on the face washed!

In the bathroom space we use every day, have you carefully noticed the style and design of the leader? This seemingly small bathroom accessory contains precision casting technology and industrial design aesthetics. Nowadays, well -known architects and industrial designers have entered the field of bathroom and carefully carved the miniature art creation in this bathroom. Dongfang Building Materials Network said that the gift of science and technology, entered the new century bathroom from the practical bathing function to important fields of home leisure, but if you want to talk about sanitary aesthetics, except for the basin, bathtub and cabinet design as the bathroom, the sanitary ware In addition to the overall style, the faucet is an important supporting role in painting dragons.


Modernism drives simple design trends

Modern style follows the architectural form to affect the home. In order to correspond to the modern style that emphasizes minimalist lines, it is not just furniture design, but also the details of the bathroom space. Japanese industrial designer, Naoto Naoto, also participated in the design of bathroom accessories. He designed a leader for the Italian leading brand Fantini and the top kitchen and bathroom brand BOFFI. With the concept of “water”, he launched the Aboutwater Sanitary Water Fashion Art Leading Series. Naoto Naoto shows his consistent simplicity and Zen design style. Among them, the three -hole dragon controls the water switch, which is cleverly taken from the sound of the sound of the sound.

The well -known German brand strategy consultation and design company Sieger Design, currently led by the second -generation Christian Sieger and Michael Sieger of the family. The Sieger brothers brought the younger generation of bold creativity into the enterprise. Donbrach, a German leader brand, who has always cooperated with well -known designers around the world, has created exquisite bronze craftsmanship. Since 1985, Dornbrach and Sieger Desig have brought the leader to the realm of top boutiques. Creating a simple and stylish shape, even the water outlet and the feeling of water have become the leading design of the leading design. The sanitary faucet has also attracted much attention in the global design competition.


The luxurious faucet that meets different materials


The art boutique has always been not much related to the sanitary faucet, but the expensive French leader THG has broken the idea. Since THG acquired the leading company JCD in 1985, it has developed JCD into an artistic brand. The most talked about JCD leaders is to cooperate with French -famous Bernardaud and Lalique Lalique, French La Li Crystal Lalique, and jump away from a single material performance. So elegant enters the bathroom space. Another combination of different materials is from the creativity of Kohler, a large bathroom factory. It is quite special to see the water flow when it is out of the water.

The beauty and functions of craftsmanship and functions are the same as other industrial design products. They must include “behavior” into design thinking about “use”. As far as Kohler Karbon is concerned, the designer noticed that the user’s different use needs are noticed. It can be turned in all directions like a robotic arm. When the water is out of the water, you can get what you want to get as needed, and provide two types of water selection of DC and shower. All provide a new direction of thinking.


Naoto Naoto Japanese -style Simple Philosophy

He is good at using simplified design vocabulary to integrate concepts and functions, Japanese industrial designers, Naoto Naoto. His works need not be explained, and users can naturally understand. The FUKASAWA series leader led by Naoka Naoto is made of polishing chrome and chrome -plated brass. The pure line highlights the exquisite beauty of the faucet itself. The arc of the outlet itself and controlling the water outlet is taken from the design of the round switch of the sound to create a Japanese -style elegant process performance.