50 early autumn frying street sweaters are high -level

Rabbit Sister Grass (Text/Rabbit Sister)


Speaking of sweaters, it is definitely one of the most versatile items in autumn.

When the cold and cold transition, with a pleated skirt, you can transform into the academy sweet girl.

When the weather is cold, match the suit,


Can become a street leader.

When it is cold, the windbreaker is also very unique ~


And the wide sweater is also very friendly to the fat people,

It is not a lie to wear 10 pounds on the sweater.

Seeing this, do you can’t wait to see the sweater planting grass? Don’t worry, I will find it for you, no matter what the style is,

A total of 50 pieces, you are satisfied with you!


The first part is the minimalist model that is not wrong.


Although there are no fancy designs, it is very resistant to seeing and durable. Whether it is worn alone or as an inside, the street rate is very high.

Black and white are the most classic and not picky styles,

With a must -have jeans that are necessary, the seemingly simple dress actually has a sense of inadvertent Chic.

Gray and apricot color are more high -level,

It is a proper urban beauty.

Sisters with big breasts can also choose a bit of V -neck design,

While lengthening the neck lines, with a little sexy.


In addition to the wild black and white, wine red and dark green are also a good choice.

The rich colors are very suitable for the atmosphere of autumn and winter, and I find these two pieces with a slight shoulder, and the sisters who slip should also rush!

Various blue sweaters are also my heart love,


It’s because of nothing else!

Green and pink are more tender,

If you disappear in a lower jacket, HIN Bird is full of protection.


Cold white skin and black skin girl, you can choose fluorescent color, it is not difficult to match,

Just make a black item to suppress it.

There are already a lot of sisters in the basic color system. You can also try the popular tie -dye models in recent years, which is very Y2K.

However, when you pick the money, you try to choose the low saturation as much as possible, and there is no risk of showing black.

Of course, the printed sweaters with their own age -reducing attributes are indispensable.

The most common thing is cats, cats, dogs,


If you encounter a soft and glutinous macaron color such as blue and pink, it is even more tender to get out of the water.

(These two sweaters have a lot of colors to choose from)

And the upper body is not naive,

Both Hyuna and Zhao Lusi have wearing similar sweaters, and then paired with a half skirt, the girl feels like it ~


Cherry sweater is also a burst of this year,


However, because the printing is a bit complicated, the lower body is OK with a little plain pants, otherwise it will look a bit messy.

Sisters who take ghosts and horses, you can choose a funny pattern,

After wearing a few years old, the age -reducing skills made Reba Jagi directly call.

However, Sister Rabbit prefer some three -dimensional printing styles, and it is absolutely absolutely absolutely absolutely absolutely absolutely necessary.


In the cuteness, there is still a hint of coolness, it is difficult to not love ~


If you want to be special, you can choose a joint model,


Large IPs such as Harry Potter and Milk Pupa will not be out of date in a few years.

Of course, the printing sweater can not only be cute, but only choose the right style, and it is okay to take other styles.


The sisters who take the Korean style can choose a brighter print, and try to choose the plain color of black and white as the background. This will not look too exaggerated.


With a baseball cap, it is very INS wind ~

Sisters who go to the Japanese style, you can choose the style of stick figures,

With a wide wide -leg pants, it is very city Boy ~

For sisters who follow the literary style, you can try hand -painted patterns,

Wearing it on your body will give people a kind of quietness.

If you are going to be gentle,

The printing pattern is not particularly large,

The little one can have a sense of atmosphere.

To say that the most popular style this year, the American retro style must have names, SO, this wave of fashion, and our sweaters cannot fall.


But unlike the popular Oversize sweater last year,


This year, the American hot girl world is even more popular with a lazy retro Polo piercing sweater.

And the POLO collar can create a thin triangle area,

Not only does it look thin and long, but also super apparent,


It is definitely the gospel of slightly fat girls.


If you want to wear the most authentic American style, you have to choose a big logo letter.

With a pleated skirt on the lower body, you can immediately appear in “Gossip Girl”.


Some digital models are also very delicious, you can pull people back to the 1990s in one second ~

I think it’s too exaggerated, the small letters logo is also OK,


When it is cold, you can also make an inside to make the whole look more layered.


I think the solid color is too normal, you can choose the collar stitching color,


If you don’t like American retro style, you can change Korean in one second with a baseball cap, clean and gentle.


Some large color block splicing is also quite popular this year.

These two are the same models of men and women. Sisters with objects can engage in a couple.

If the sweater mentioned earlier, it cannot meet your needs for fashion, then a creative design sweater, the rabbit sister also finds you a lot ~


The short hooded sweater will fire this year,

Celine has a lot of similar styles,


With high waist pants is the combination of high king fried, especially suitable for small people.

If you have a short inside at home, you can also buy short zipper models.


Pure and desired LA ~

Sorry for sisters with a large area, you can choose the style of the cutting of the tip


The original monotonous style came to survive, and the small sexy piece was grinned.


All kinds of holes are also popular this year. The Parisia family and MM6 are all output similar styles, and this kind of sweater is very suitable for stacking.


It is casually paired with a pure color T, it is very west coast ~

If you can’t accept too many holes, you can choose the style of the arm and shoulder hollow,

Proper hollow and tailoring, especially at the same time, can also weaken the bloated feeling brought by the sweater ~


Wearing small genius,

You can buy the back or in the middle of the empty style,

The t -shirt that is stacked in your flower is the best bombing street look.


Except for short and hollow,

Remake sweater has also been popular in the past few years,

Practice different materials and elements to collide, giving a full sense of avant -garde.


The style with the anti -light strip is even more big, the big guy’s aura,

Wearing another sunglasses, Sun Honglei had to detour when he watched it.


I don’t like the deconstruction of too hardcore, I also found the style of lace deconstruction.


A whole girl’s heart is bursting, and the doll’s wardrobe is just the same ~

OKK, this is here for the grass in today’s sweater. I found 50 pieces in one breath.

Don’t you know you are still satisfied? Anyway, my shopping cart is full ~