Sony launched the Bu35J/Bu30J series display: equipped with 4K HDR X1 chip

IT House June 8 News Sony announced today that Sony further expands the BRAVIA commercial display product line, so it launched 4K HDR BRAVIA commercial display new BU35J and BU30J series to meet the needs of client high -end and entry -level B2B products.

IT House learned that the new products released this time cover the types of 43 -inch to 75 -inch, supporting the professional model of Shangxian product. Users can easily customize the settings according to the habits and application scenarios to adapt to different purposes. In addition, the BRAVIA series products have covered the range from 32 -inch to 100 inch.

It is reported that Sony Bravia’s new product series all have a powerful new “System on A Chip” platform. At the same time, the built -in Android operating system is equipped with the Sony 4K HDR X1 chip, which can enhance color, contrast, clarity and dynamic effects.

In addition, users can also use the “one -click settings” function, and only need to press the next button to achieve rapid optimization settings for different application scenarios.

In addition, the mirror function of Sony Merchants can connect user devices quickly and easily through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, thereby achieving simple and easy-to-operate control, streaming media transmission and content sharing.

索尼推出 BU35J/BU30J 系列显示器:搭载 4K HDR X1 芯片

The high-end BU35J series realizes the high brightness of 560-570 Nit, with a refresh rate of 120Hz, including:

FW-50BU35J (50 inches)

FW-43BU35J (43 inches)

The entry -level BU30J series reaches the refresh rate of 440 Nit’s brightness * and 60Hz, including:

FW-75BU30J (75 inches)

索尼推出 BU35J/BU30J 系列显示器:搭载 4K HDR X1 芯片

FW-65BU30J (65 inches)

FW-55BU30J (55 inches)

FW-50BU30J (50 inches)

FW-43BU30J (43 inches)

FW-32BU30J (32 inches, released,*300 Nit brightness)

In the Chinese market, the BU35J series is expected to be officially launched in summer, and the BU30J is planned to be officially launched in autumn.