Garden high value: Vine furniture must be “observed” before purchasing, which is super particular!

With the development of craftsmanship, it is a reality to make rattan tools. Fujito furniture has won the favor of many people with its unique shape and function, and rattan furniture in the garden play a role in value. So how to buy high -quality rattan furniture? How should the existing rattan furniture at home be maintained?

1. Understand rattan furniture

Tengyi furniture is one of the oldest furniture varieties in the world, and its raw materials and craftsmanship sources have long sources. Tengyi furniture is natural and beautiful, and has the advantages of many other material furniture. Let’s learn some knowledge about rattan furniture.

The production of rattan furniture

Tengyi furniture material:

The production materials of rattan furniture are mainly rattan. Teng is a natural material, which is dense and light and tough, not afraid of squeezing, smooth and elastic.

Tengyi furniture process:

It mainly includes the production of the bracket and the weaving of the noodles. First, the bracket is made with rough vine. The connection of the bracket is generally woven with rattan leather, and then woven the surface with a rattan leather. Finally, it is painted with light and light oil.

Advantages of rattan furniture

Tendon furniture combines hand -woven and industrial production, combining different styles, different patterns, and even cloth art, and pulls into the distance between people and nature.

1. Tough durability and elasticity

The vines used to make rattan furniture are generally dense, strong, light and tenacious, firm, and easy to bend. They are not afraid of squeezing, not afraid of pressure, smoothness and elasticity. , Anti -mildew, disinfection and sterilization, etc., are particularly durable.

2. Lightweight and easy to move

Tengyi furniture is relatively light and easy to move. The texture is full of flexibility and toughness. It is a characteristic that other material furniture does not have.

3. Beautiful appearance in winter warm summer cool summer

Vine furniture is strong, refreshing, warm in winter. The rustic vine helps to calm down. In the summer bedroom, if you try to use vine -made furniture as much as possible, it will be greatly beneficial to sleep.

Common types of rattan furniture on the market

Outdoor rattan furniture: such as small round tables, back chairs, lounge chairs, swing sofa armchairs such as gardens and gallery.


Tendoral arts furniture: The most perfect and most stylish of rattan furniture, a set of living room furniture made of Fujinxin, is delicate, smooth, and strives for simplicity in shape and color, showing the beauty of craftsmanship.

Restaurant rattan furniture: such as five and seven -sets of rough vines and tables, new shapes, novel shapes and full of times.

Small ornaments of Tengyi: such as rattan lights, chandeliers, etc.

Other rattan furniture: bed couch, chair stool pier, cabinet boxes, table cases, screens, tablets and other categories.

Vine furniture has the advantages of elegant color, beautiful shape, light structure, elegant appearance, tough texture, simple and natural and natural, and is mostly used in Liangtai, garden, tea room, study, living room, etc. At present, the rattan furniture on the market is basically divided into several categories.

Second, 5 ways to buy rattan furniture

The materials for high -quality rattan furniture are particular about the material of the material. When buying rattan furniture, you can refer to the following five methods.

Stepping Fujimuki

The advantages and disadvantages of rattan have a great impact on the quality of rattan furniture, so you must look at the texture of the rattan when purchasing. The high -quality old vine texture is hard and flexible, and the appearance looks the same. The rough vines are uniform in color without dark spots, full and no cracking, and the pressure is good. The surface of the rattan material may be processed by the young and tender vine. The toughness is low and the strength of the toughness is low, and it is easy to break and corrode.

In addition, because rattan furniture is basically hand -woven, you must carefully check whether the rattan is woven evenly and whether the rattan interface is connected to the densely during the selection process.

Watching vine bar

Tengyi furniture is mostly made of natural vines. There are many types of natural vines. They are widely distributed around the world, especially in tropical rain forests in Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. In many vine -produced vine -producing migrants, the vines produced in Indonesia not only have many varieties and large outputs, but also are thick, full, well -proportioned, and have excellent quality. When choosing rattan furniture, you can pay attention to where the raw materials are produced.

Watching outside sight

You can follow the light to see if the luster of the rattan furniture is uniform, and whether there are traces of spots, different colors and insects. For the vine chairs with a seat cushion, carefully observe the arc of the seat cushion with whether the furniture arc is consistent, whether the fabric pattern is stitching neatly, and whether the dental floss is smooth and straight.

Touch the surface feel

Wipe it on the surface of the furniture with your palms. It feels that the smoothness of the furniture surface has no feeling of holding hands, indicating that the quality of the furniture is better.

Check the stability of the framework

When buying a rattan home, you can grasp the edges of the furniture with both hands and shake it gently, check the stability of the furniture framework.