This agreement with Auntie Auntie has lasted for a year, Hangzhou shop: Little buddies can also come

Qianjiang Evening News · hour news reporter Zhang Ran


A bakery in Jiubao, Hangzhou, sent nearly 30,000 breads in 4 years. The takeaway brothers who went to the rain in the wind, the vendors of the stalls in the early morning, and the hard -working housekeeper aunts have tasted the sweet taste of this bakery. It is sweet and very warm (nearly 30,000 to send bread in 4 years, but a small shop in Hangzhou is “not doing business” but it is very warm. It should be done together).

Such a “sweet heart” is silently happening in many hours.

The “Something Bread House” on Wenhui Road in Hangzhou has just ushered in the first anniversary.


Their overnight bread will be handed over to a cleaning aunt every night, which has continued for a full year.


“It is a very simple aunt, a locals, who keep the contract. After closing the door every day, I put the bread at the door slightly hidden. If there are guests in my shop, she will wait at the door.”

Sister Shen, the owner of “Some Bread Rooms”, has always emphasized that with the 60 -year -old cleaning aunt, it is a warm interaction. Sometimes the cleaning aunt will come to help the store collect garbage, and Sister Shen will send bread as a gift.


Some bread rooms have a small amount of bread many times. If they can’t be sold every day, Sister Shen is reluctant to lose it.


Last night last year, she saw a clean aunt who was wearing a very clean garbage. “Seeing that there were a lot of toast in the shop, and some bread left in the plate, she gave it to the aunt. “Seeing the aunt’s happiness, Sister Shen was also comforted, thanking her aunt for their opportunity to express goodwill.

“Later, I finally waited again until my aunt came to get the bread.” Sister Shen recognized Auntie with cleaning, “She agreed that she came to help me pour me garbage every night, and I left the bread to her.”

On the last night of last year, this warm “bread agreement” was reached between the owner and the cleaning aunt.

“My aunt and I helped each other, they helped each other to take each other. Both of them were at ease, and their hearts were warm.”

Every day, Cleaning Auntie came to say hello, took it away, and said thank you. This agreement continues to the present. “The fate concluded from the bread, and I have also become a good friend with Aunt Clean.”

Now, there are not many overnight breads left overnight every day. “As long as the takeaway brothers and cleaners need it, they can come to the store to taste. The weather is cold, I hope to provide them with a warm winter warmth.”

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