Such happiness

On Saturday morning, because of the coldness, my family was on the 7th floor, and there was no elevator, so I ordered a takeaway. After a while, someone knocked on the door. I opened the door and saw that it was a takeaway brother. He also brought a little girl. When she saw me open the door, she hid aside immediately, and then her father handed me takeaway. It seems that the little girl is only five or six years old, and her face is flushed.

I said to the takeaway brother: “Your girlfriend, so cute!”

The takeaway brother smiled and said, “No one looks at her on Saturday, I can only bring it.” I took a bread from the takeaway bag and handed it to the little girl. She was embarrassed at first, her father said, “Take it, say thank you.”

After taking the bread, the little girl was very happy and said “Thank you brother”.

When I walked to the window, when they saw them downstairs, the little girl couldn’t wait to dismantle the bread, and then held the bread in her hand to her father’s mouth.

Life is not easy, but please toast.



“Boys don’t read books, they can also make money by learning technology; girls have to read, and they will not be bullied in the future. He graduated from junior high school that year, and I was in my second year of high school. Many years later, I accidentally saw his diary, and suddenly tears.

More than ten years have passed, and I still want to cry when I think of it.

—— cloth bag


“I miss him so much.” My friend said. When my friend was young, his father died of illness and left his mother and their brothers. Because he was the boss, he came out for a long time for his livelihood. One day, I went to his office and found that there was a photo frame on his desk with a photo. A young man was sitting on a stone. He stood behind this young man. In the evening, we drank together, and I asked him, “Who is the young man in that photo?” He said, “It’s my father.” I was puzzled. He finished a glass of wine and poured another cup. After a while, he raised his head and said, “I miss him too much. This is the only photo left by my dad. I took my photo and please take a photo.” I think about it The old father and son in the photo, looking at my friends in her 30s in front of me, crying.

——The ancient white


His father suffered from esophageal cancer. Before his death, he couldn’t eat things for two weeks. He could only maintain his life by dripping. The father’s lips were cracked, and he could only wipe with a cotton swab dipped in water, and his speech was weak. One day I went home, and my father talked to me very hard. I had to get close to my ears to hear what he was talking about. My father said, “You motion sickly, what do you want to eat for your sister to buy it.” At that moment, I cried, crying and breathlessness. Now I wrote these words, and I still burst into tears. The text I wrote has not dare to read it. Yesterday was Father’s Day. The WeChat circle of friends was full of blessings, but my mood was very low. If you want to raise it, you will not wait …

–Anonymous User


“Daughter, I’m sorry, Dad is going home late, you are hungry.” Dad who fell into a swollen face and said to me. That year was when I was severe depression. I kept myself in the bedroom all day and did nothing or communicated with my family. Three meals a day were made by my dad and came in for me. That afternoon, my dad went to the wedding. When he was about to dinner, he hurried back. My dad’s electric car collided with a motorcycle, and he was hit with blood. The other party proposed to take him to the hospital, and my dad remembered that I had no food at home, and I went home without going to the hospital. He knocked on the door of my bedroom, and I was indifferent. He asked me if I was hungry outside the door. I don’t answer. In the end, he had to send me a text message: “Daughter, Dad hit a motorcycle on the road, sorry, I’m back late, are you hungry?”

—— Miss Xiao Hei Sheriff


Writer Ye Guangzheng wrote the story of Zeng Zhou in the speech “Qinling in the Eye of a Writer”. Zeng Zhou was a college student at the Department of Biology, Peking University in the 1980s. He fell from the cliff when he inspected Panda in Foring and died unfortunately. On the first anniversary of Zeng Zhou’s death, his father came to Sanguan Temple from Shantou, Guangdong. The old gentleman graduated from Tsinghua University. At that time, he was alone. He sat a whole morning in front of Zeng Zhou’s tomb and said nothing. When he left, the old gentleman shouted to Dashan: “Zhou Zhou, Dad is gone. Dad is old, and he won’t come to see you again in the future.” Tonight Bian Bai came, and his life was from the west.



In my senior year, I called Grandpa and wanted him to help me write a word: Tiandao paid diligence. At that time, I was in the trough of my life, and I especially wanted to motivate myself.

Grandpa likes to practice brushes, and it is also a member of the Calligraphers Association in the county. I think he wants him to write a word can be regarded as an old man.

After a few months, I went to see him and found that there was a cross stitch on his bed: heavenly paid. I am particularly surprised.

“Grandpa shakes, and you can’t write it recently, but the cross stitch can still be embroidered. Slowly slowly,” Grandpa said to me.


Later, I heard my dad say that Grandpa was found to have Parkinson’s disease, and he couldn’t write the word in his right hand.

As long as I had a chance in the following years, I went back to see him and accompany him to drink. I know he didn’t drink much after he was sick, but even if he looked at me, he was very happy.

In 2013, when I was studying in Boston, Grandpa left.

Later, one day, I cleaned up the old house alone and looked at the cross -stitch “Tiandao Pouring Delivery” in the house. A picture appeared in my mind: an old man wrote a lifetime calligraphy because of illness. Sun Tzu couldn’t write a word, and he couldn’t write it. He fell all the writing things.

Looking at the calligraphy works in the room and this cross -embroidered frame that seemed to have no artistic value, my tears couldn’t help it anymore.

——Wangjia CFA


“If you want to repeat, your sister has no money to read, you choose it yourself!” “Then I won’t repeat it!” This is a conversation with my father with my brother. That year, my brother played abnormally and did not go to the ideal university. He did not have the top 10 in the whole year. He wanted to repeat it, but that year I was just admitted to key high schools.

At that time, my brother in high school often saved me 5 yuan from living expenses. He lived in school, and the monthly living expenses were only 20 yuan, sometimes only 15 yuan. Even so, he still saves 5 yuan a month because he knows that I have no pocket money. I often have no money to buy breakfast, so I will be hungry all morning.

We come from a family that used to be extremely poor. However, from childhood to large, my brother and I have never quarreled. Let’s put the cattle together, go to the ground together, sit on a small bench to chat together, and look forward to the future together. We are willing to be. Combining or sacrificing their own interests for each other. I love my brother, just like my life.

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