After the Winter Olympics, the “ice ribbon” four seasons operation service Volkswagen

Legal Evening News 2018-02-0114: 38: 30

Legal Evening News (Reporter Chen Si) Yesterday, Beijing’s major project office and the National Speed Skating Pavilion “Ice Ribbon” PPP collaboration bidding signed a framework agreement, marking the first time the Beijing Winter Olympics successfully introduced social capital participation venue constructionAnd operation.

According to the framework agreement, during the 30 -year cooperation period, the construction period is about 3 years (2017-2019), the Olympic service period is about 2 years (2020-2022), and the post -match operation period is about 25 years.According to the reporter, in 2022, during the Beijing Winter Olympics, the National Speed Slide Museum will undertake the competition and training of the avenue speed skating project., Ice Hockey and Curling, international competitions, can also ensure that more than 2,000 citizens go to ice to conduct popular ice activities at the same time, becoming a multi -functional ice sports center with collective breeding events, mass fitness, cultural leisure, exhibition display, and social welfare.Essence