Campus sports training wings-Sony sends “Smart Sports Solutions”

Traditional physical education teaching mainly relies on the views of coaches and teammates, brains, mouths, demonstrations, demonstrations, paper records and analysis, which is easy to forget, misunderstandings and loss. Sony’s smart sports solution is a high -tech sports product developed by Sony’s core needs around the current physical education teaching, applying video, audio, data and other technical means. It can efficiently improve the technical and tactical level of the athletes through intuitive video teaching methods; provide comprehensive and objective decision -making basis for coaches, evaluate the training results, to formulate competition strategies, win competitions, and effectively help management work, promote the area The improvement of sports level has greatly made up for the lack of traditional teaching.


On September 26, 2018, on the first day of the China International Education Equipment (Shanghai) Expo, Sony held a new release event for “Sony Smart Sports Solutions”. The president of the Sony China Professional System Group, the director of the Sony Professional System Group, the director of the Innovation Business Development Department, Maoli Xianyi, the senior manager of the Sony image product and the solution company, the senior manager of the Education Industry Business Development Department, and many media and the audience participated in the release event.


President of the wild Gui to speak


President Gui Gui, Director of the First Director of Maoli, and former manager of the original manager unveiled the “Sony Smart Sports” logo.

Original Zhichang Manager speech


Sony Smart Sports Solution includes three systems: interactive sports visual training system, panoramic sports information and decision-making system, as well as W-EFP wireless high-definition mobile program production system. Help from three different angles: daily training, team competition and live broadcast.

Senior manager Li Sheng make product introduction

1. Interactive sports visual training system

The system consists of a camera, two display screens, one tablet, router, and server. The system configuration is very concise, but the function is very powerful. It has rich functions such as wireless connection, slow movement playback, action comparison, video recording, delayed playback, instant release, annotation explanation, data sharing and other rich functions.

In daily training, the camera can shoot the athlete’s practice action and use the delayed playback function to display it on a screen. After practicing, athletes can immediately see their actions just now. At the same time, they can compare the standard actions played on another screen, so as to better help the athletes learn and understand, and think and improve their practice. During the practice, if the coach finds that a athlete needs to be guided separately, he can use the playback function to teach and explain to the athletes alone on another screen. For example, using the slow action function, perform details analysis and annotation, etc.;

The screen is saved and shared with athletes to facilitate training courses to review.

System configuration diagram of interactive sports visual training system

Scenery of the interactive sports visual training system

The interactive sports visual training system has opened up a new way of teaching. It introduces video teaching methods, and athletes can learn and improve through watching video training; it can help coach teaching well and improve teaching efficiency.

2. Panorama sports information and decision -making system

The configuration of this system is simpler: a 4K wide -angle camera, a display and a laptop. Don’t look at these three, but have eight major functions: panoramic screens, 4K video recording, event marking, custom video, editing explanation, automatic shearing, tactical guidance tools, export sharing.

Because the system composition and operation are very simple, single person can operate. Only one camera is required to capture and recording any details of the entire game/training process; the system can automatically cut and generate high -definition tracking video files to support the event of event events for later analysis and use; can Custom edit videos, flexibly select teaching content; use video resources, coaches can deeply explain team tactics, conduct opponents analysis, and organize student discussions. Through simple and intuitive teaching methods, quickly improve the tactical understanding of the team members and the ability to cooperate with the team to help the team win the game.

For example, after recording a campus football competition project, the system can customize the main points of generating coaches according to teaching needs, analyze corner kicks, or specialize in defensive tactics, etc., which can be more concentrated and targeted. After summing up, a video break can be generated and distributed into the hands of each athlete.

The system configuration diagram of panoramic sports information and decision -making systems

Scenery of panoramic sports information and decision -making systems

The panoramic sports information and decision -making system helps improve the tactical understanding of the team members and the ability to cooperate with the team. Through video resources, it provides a simple and efficient teaching method for coaches, and conduct valuable explanations and analysis.

3. W-EFP wireless high-definition mobile program production system


The design of this system breaks through traditional thinking. It adopts a full wireless system design, the shape of the tie box box, and the shooting position is completely relying on the battery and the power supply design without the need. Its wireless shooting positions, high -definition videos, audio, camera control, gimbal control, and TALLY reminder signals through wireless transmission, the transmission distance is about 200 meters, and the power supply system can support about 5 hours.

This system truly liberates users from the tedious connection and system construction work. It only needs to build the entire set of equipment quickly, and complete the broadcast -level quality program recording, guide, editing, production, transmission, storage and other operations The design of wireless transmission and battery power supply makes the shooting position no longer restricted, and users do not need to worry about the interruption of shooting caused by the accidental situation. This system can also be widely used in scenes such as high -quality curriculum recording, school conferences, activities and performances, and meets users’ needs for live broadcasts and storage of the program.

W-EFP wireless high-definition mobile program production system


Education innovation, never stop “is the concept of Sony’s education business. The release of smart sports solutions is another example of Sony’s practice of this concept. I believe this new solution will bring one to domestic campus sports construction The new style of technology is inserted to the wings of technology for campus physical education and training.