The Capital Gymnasium uses more than a thousand groups of snow lanterns to create a “Ice and Snow Promotion” landscape

Beijing News (Reporter Wu Wei) On January 28th, the reporter learned from the Press Conference of the Haidian District Operation Guarantee Headquarters in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Olympics. Yu group snow lantern lighting creates the “ice and snow promenade” landscape.

The landscape belt of the rivers as the vein, the ice and snow element decorated with the veins,

Wang Lingzhi, deputy team leader of the Metropolitan Substitute of Capital Stadium and the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Beixiaoguan Street, introduced that in order to cooperate with the hosting of the Winter Olympic Games, the relevant member units of the heads of the head of the surrounding guarantee group combined with the theme elements of the Winter Olympics to create the winter characteristic landscape In terms of environmental construction, the four major engineering projects have been implemented, namely “one road”, “one river”, “one line” and “one lighting”. “One Road” refers to the reconstruction project of Wuta Temple. Greed up Wulia Temple Road, rebuild the green belt on both sides, change the power facilities, say goodbye to “mixed people and vehicles”, and transform into the “pro -water -pro -green” landscape road.

“One River” is the project to improve the environment of the long river environment. The waterfront trails on both sides of the Nanchanghe River have set up a hydrophilic platform to allow tourists to watch the river landscape at close range and enhance hydrophilicity. At the same time, ecological water purification facilities are constructed, and ecological purification of rainwater and riverwater in the river channels discharged into the river to improve water quality. The “front line” refers to the environmental improvement project of Zhongguancun South Street around the Capital Gymnasium. It is mainly aimed at the factor renovation and advertising plaque replacement of advertising plaques, road renovation and other buildings such as Kowloon Business Center, Sino -foreign Exchange Building, etc., making the regional environment significantly improve.

“One lighting” refers to the beautiful project around the head. The main contents of the athlete’s silhouette, mascot sculpture, snow lanterns, iceberg -shaped screens, etc., focus on reflecting the winter Olympic elements and technology elements, highlight the combination of lights and color linkages, and use more than 1,000 sets of snow lantern lighting to create the “Ice and Snow Corridor” landscape.

Wang Lingzhi said: “Now, a landscape belt is formed by the surrounding area of ​​the first venue, the river, the green belt, the interesting, and the ice and snow element.”

During the end of the event to the end, more than 1 full coverage inspections will be conducted once a day

It is reported that under the focus of the surrounding guarantee group of the first venue, the epidemic prevention and control “one game of chess” has been established, and the surrounding social epidemic prevention and control barrier is established to strengthen the health monitoring and epidemic risk investigation of peripheral guarantee personnel.

At the same time, Beixiaguan Street, Haidian District arranges more than 4,100 security and volunteers such as security and volunteers daily, more than 80 guarantee vehicles, and conducts patrol prevention and control, social security order rectification, group defense force organizations for key areas around the heads, and organizational security order. Move the safety and stability of society.

More than 140 civilized guides and more than 10 traffic coordinators are arranged daily to maintain traffic order on the intersection and along the line. Established a total of 117 emergency teams including patrol players, full -time safety officers, and firefighters to deal with various types of emergencies in a timely manner.

In addition, the street also dispatched 91 people daily, around key industries and fields such as imported cold chains, buildings, supermarkets, and seven small stores, conduct inspections on the prevention and control of the epidemic, food safety, and standardized operations. Essence

“Before the game, more than 700 operating entities in the surrounding key guarantee areas to ensure more than 1 full coverage inspection per week. Ling Zhi said.

Beijing News reporter Wu Wei

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