Miao Creative Su Ran: Unlock the rivers and lakes under the outbreak of “social e -commerce”

In the era of social e -commerce explosion, do you know it? What is the trend of social e -commerce in the future? How to catch the dividend of social e -commerce?

On November 14, the Youmi Win Creation invited the wonderful creative co -founder of Su Ran online to share to unlock the rivers and lakes under the outbreak of the “social e -commerce”.


Social e -commerce is paying attention to user thinking

When it comes to social e -commerce, many people will understand it as “399 yuan or 299 yuan member fees”, “self -use saving money, sharing to make money”, or a Costco member model. Including a more popular shell shop, daily one -day, gathering, global catcher, etc., a series of social e -commerce platforms based on this logic and fissioned are understood as social e -commerce.

However, Su Ran said that social e -commerce is not exactly the case. What exactly is social e -commerce? he thinks,

Social e -commerce is mainly based on a history

background. first,

There are fewer and fewer traffic.


The capacity is severe, and all products in the market have competitors.

When we need a “private domain traffic”, that is, when we are unique, we hope to let users spend longer time here. Because product thinking is different from the logic of user thinking, at this moment


We consider the user’s all -round needs under user thinking.

For example, IKEA sells not just furniture, but a scene you are in IKEA. Starbucks sells more than just coffee, but the self -time that plays the elite when you hold the coffee, and the elite scenes produced in social networking. In the final analysis, social e -commerce is the time to allow users to generate longer entering the scene, rather than selling products in a traditional way.

Most of the most popular social e -commerce platforms on the market are also based on user logic.

A series of systems and forms are generated by operating users.

For example, when users pay 399 yuan to enter the conference fee and form a purchase behavior on the platform, they will share in order to earn more dividends. Share will guide users to participate in training, in -group listening, learning skills, pulling new drainage and other knowledge Essence When you get a dividend or a team award, you will have a strong sense of self -accomplishment. At the same time, you will continue to learn, share, and slowly become the loyalty of the platform with the examples of people who earn 30,000, 50,000, and 100,000. user.


In essence, social e -commerce is operating users on the one hand; on the other hand, it is time to operate users to stay on the platform for longer.

Taobao’s double eleven turnover reaches more than 200 billion yuan, more because it has become a largest TV shopping platform in China, with a large number of live broadcasts and short videos. time.

When the user has a series of behaviors such as shopping, thinking, thinking, reading, and a series of subscription needs, a series of behaviors such as shopping and sharing have been made on this platform. A kind of business.

Based on the loyalty and trust in the product, users are willing to share. This way is actually social e -commerce.


What are the new social e -commerce now? Su Ran believes that, in fact, the gathering and global catchers do not belong to a new type of social e -commerce. He believes

Now more are “community groups”.

It is similar to Pinduoduo model. First of all, based on geography, a community with a community as the core.

He proposed that the “community group” social e -commerce has the following characteristics:

First, social networking is more based on acquaintances.

Regardless of whether it is a gathering, a global catcher or a micro -business, at the beginning, it is friends with friends. It is a very close relationship in the “six -degree relationship”, and then slowly expands to strangers.

Second, from “Finding someone” to “people to find goods”.

It turned out that through the production of products, to find channels, distributors, and regional agents for sale. Based on the understanding of social e -commerce, you can first generate demand, orders, and then reverse C2B to generate stocking, delivery, and services.

Third, emphasize fission and emphasize sharing.


This is the core of social e -commerce. Based on a goal, a group of acquaintances are gathered in the same community. Based on social relations, users are raised, obtaining a lot of demand and big data labels, thereby providing a series of products to meet their needs in reverse, and at the same time allow users to share and decline it, and pass this values.


The future development trend of social e -commerce

Su Ran believes that the future trend of social e -commerce is probably divided into the following three points:

First, turn the flow into a traffic pool.

The biggest reason for social e -commerce is no traffic. Therefore, our members or precipitates in a certain amount of volume pools are all to raise users. Here are more “private domain” circles.

Second, from “group square” to “common communities”.

In the past, the traffic was centralized, but now, today’s headlines, circle of friends, advertisements, Taobao and other places, there will be no traffic like a railway station. The current traffic is not only expensive, but also thousands of people.


In the future, social e -commerce will become more and more vertical, more and more common and labeling.

Therefore, it is necessary to find more personalized and vertical traffic and labeling traffic. Behind each label, a community will be formed,

This community is the key to loving users and operating users.

Because of their common interests, goals, lifestyle, and general life lines, they can produce common social behaviors.

Third, from “Internet celebrity social” to “trust agent”.

At present, each social e -commerce company must have a “person set”, or the opinion leader, trust agent, and examples of each social e -commerce company. He has the factors of experts and factor that allows users to trust.

From the social interaction to the trust agent, it can also be understood as the transition from the unlimited group of unlimited unimaliated flow to the traffic with consensus and trust.


How to grasp the new trend of social e -commerce?

How should I use the future development trend of social e -commerce?

The first trend is based on the traffic pool thinking.

Su Ran believes that first of all, the “member system” should be established.

The membership system is a natural traffic barrier. Now all social e -commerce platforms are learning Costco’s membership system because everyone needs to have their own flow pool.

Secondly, we must have our own flow pool tools.

This tool can be a WeChat personal number, public account, Douyin, etc., or a combination of union.

In short, the trend of changing from traffic to the flow pool is also the most popular business model at present.

The second trend is to change from the community traffic from the group -based square -type railway station.

Su Ran believes that this requires the existing platform based on a common community, which has a common mission, gradually producing common e -commerce social behaviors, and finally realizing product transformation.

The sense of participation of the product is brought by users. Just like Xiaomi’s enthusiasts, there is no need to do any promotion. Under the mission and social methods of the common community, users have produced common behaviors of e -commerce, and the final product generates a wave of sale and explosion.

This requires that when we are doing social e -commerce, we must perpendicular to some groups of people who have a professional or common label.

Circle them together, find their common interests, mission, and social behavior, and then reverse the empowerment of group e -commerce and products to help them have a sense of participation and honor, and finally buy.

The third trend is the high conversion rate brought by trust agents.

Su Ran proposed that when more and more e -commerce platforms have orders and product problems, the only high conversion rate for purchasing comes from the recommended “expert” recommended by acquaintances, or what you think from the “expert” recommended by light acquaintances. , You need to have such a trust label.

Therefore, social e -commerce must turn every customer into light acquaintances. Based on human settings, from Internet celebrity flow to personalized trust agency traffic.


Application of social e -commerce thinking

Specific application to reality, social e -commerce thinking needs the following points:

First, spend time.

The core thinking of the common community flow pool and the current social e -commerce is becoming a club. Through social e -commerce thinking and radiate some good marketing methods, users can spend time on the product and operate users through the product.

Second, spend longer.

When the product does not have an advantage, the product can be turned into “IP”, forming a new “human settings”, causing users to talk about it. Through “people, IP, talk about funds”, more communication and interaction with users can be generated for longer brand input.

Third, social sense, don’t sell a sense of sales!

When the product forms a label, do not emphasize the good product, but tell the origin of the user’s product to produce real social behavior with users.

Fourth, the same group of people, alliances, cooperation, and group social networking.

Social e -commerce is the common people circle together to form a larger brand together to get greater traffic.

When he cannot be transformed into a common community, Su Ran suggested that you can integrate a common community to form an industrial alliance. In a stronger and larger community area, he can support users and operate users. Chance.

I am a happy course and recommend the split line

Nowadays, brand competition is becoming increasingly severe, the media environment and consumption environment are changing rapidly, and the independent and split single marketing activities are unsatisfactory. Non -original marketing techniques are difficult to have ideal results in the market, and it is difficult to create excellent communication. Effect. Only by helping entrepreneurs to create super brand IPs, accurately grasp the brand needs and user needs of “feeling of sun -exposed”, “scene sense”, and “belonging”, can they give the product vitality and change, and endlessly.

How to accurately grasp product needs and create super brand IPs?

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See how the creative co -founder Su Ran played to the “three senses” brand IP methodology?

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