House decoration, 100 stores in private, choose 8 high -value beds, beautiful and practical

For the house decoration, for a bed, I saw a lot of stores, hidden 100 privately, and selected 8 high -value beds, including leather beds, solid wood beds, iron beds, velvet beds, etc. If your home is decorated or Prepare the wedding bed, you can take a look.


1. Yiluo

This bed is mainly light luxury leather bed. It uses imported cowhide and is novel design. The foot of the bed is supported by German hardware sickle feet or solid wood. It is very stable. It is also a good choice as a wedding bed. You can buy it with a mattress. Save time and money in this way!


There are many materials for this bed. There are solid wood, leather, and fabrics. This one is a small leg design and looks lighter. It is a Nordic style at home. You can see it, but it is a bit expensive!

3. Wei Poetry

The bed is mainly fabric. The fans of the pills make many girls feel excited. In addition, there are many American and Italian fabric beds, which are very textured.

4. AS furniture


Many beds are imported. In addition to being expensive, there are no other problems. If you just like this style and have budgets, you should enter your eyes.

5. Moolu Home


This one is relatively niche, many solid wood beds, with white wax wood, mango wood, black walnut wood and other materials. The design is a typical Nordic style and looks simple.

6. Hanke


If you like iron beds, this one must look at it. The golden retro iron bed is simple and generous, the workmanship is meticulous, and the iron bed is relatively environmentally friendly.


7. Original element

This is also a niche shop. It focuses on solid wood beds. There are several high -box beds that are good, which can increase storage space. It looks good and practical!

8, 7


There are many pink beds, pink velvet with golden metal design, which is very fashionable. Each girl has a princess dream. If you want to give yourself a princess bed, there are many options.


The above 8 high -value home stores are selected from 100 private collections. If your home is being renovated or prepared to decorate, you can save it. I hope you can choose the right bed.