Tongtong and leisure two -phase -kipling Kailpu Forest Dark Blue Polka Pattop Backpack

On the way to find a good -looking mommy bag, dewdrops are looking for!

I bought Herschel SUPPLY Co., Little America backpack, too big! Intersection Enough for two days and one night.

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

I have bought Kipling Challenger Medium backpack, which is too small! Intersection Intersection More suitable for children to go to kindergarten.

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

Until I saw this Kipling dark blue wave dot pattern on the Kipling counter! Intersection Intersection

Finish! nice!

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

The only imperfect thing is that the price is 1390RMB! Intersection Intersection

I have seen all kinds of special specials Kipling pushed by Aunt Zhang, and there is no way to accept its backpacks above 500RMB.

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

Go home immediately to search for Taobao, search for Meiya, search official website! There is no harvest. The response given by the official flagship store of Taobao is: This is the new model this year, and at least it will not be sold on Taobao until next year.

So dewdrop decides! Intersection

A few days before Christmas, dewdrops brushed Kipling’s official flagship store. There are actually this bag, but the price is very touching, it is 1390RMB!

Dewdrop thought, is there an official website of the United States?

So I asked LG, do you remember the kipling package I saw when I saw it?

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

LG disappeared for a few seconds, and asked with a long -awaited bag with dewdrops: Are you talking about this?

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

Yes, LG went to the physical store to buy this package, intending to be a Christmas gift. Essence Essence Essence Essence

The price, touching 1200rmb! Well, it’s hard to buy a good heart.

I wish you all the best friends to send Meiya, the official website bought this cheap bag. But don’t tell me the price.

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

Well, don’t open the box, look at the bag directly.



通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包


通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

First look at the orangutan. This is not an ordinary furry iconic orangutan, but a metal.

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

The front is a ripple -like -like, which looks a bit of leather, but it is also a nylon material. According to the salesperson, it has a certain waterproofness.

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

The details are good

The bottom of the bottom is restored.

There is a layered on the surface with a mobile phone bag and a key ring.

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

The main bag is quite large, there is a pocket inside, which is very intimate

The place of origin is of course our china

The bag also has a hand, and it is also a good choice to go inside the company.

How big is the bag, I can compare the Dongdong at hand. The first appearance is the ordinary pen box of MUJI.

Next is the water cup of the meal.

The bag is very available. How can I install it? See how many things are packed in the bag, miscellaneous bags, small handbags, cosmetic bags, and water cups. There is no pressure in it.

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

A live beast came on the stage by the skin of the dewdrop 113cm. In other words, when the dewdrops don’t love this bag, it is also good to put the skin on the skin.

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

Finally, talk about feelings: This bag is very reliable, the zipper is smooth, and the wiring is flat.

The color is dark blue, it looks a bit leather, it has a certain waterproof, and I feel very beautiful. It looks small, but it is actually very capable. It is suitable for going to work with a baby to go to work.

通勤休闲两相宜 - Kipling 凯浦林 深蓝色波点纹 双肩包

Disadvantages: Do you still need to say? Intersection Too expensive! Intersection Intersection Intersection At least 50 % off, it is appropriate to get started.