Will the head coach be buff blessing? You must not miss the beautiful cheap cheap inventory of the football

Guardiola is famous for simple things, which can be traced back to his days as an influential midfielder. In February this year, he led the Manchester City team to hold the Carabao Cup: This is the fourth trophy he won in less than three seasons. first step.


The finals in Wimbledry were chaotic. The same is true of Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri, but Guardiola is still wearing tight pants and sweaters, which looks very casual. Judging from his costumes, he might as well take a plane design in his studio for one afternoon.

The main work of football coach is to instill a unique idea about how his club works. This is a tactic -the coaches decide how the team should play and let the players realize this vision -but as the public image of the club, they also need to play this role. In this sense, the way they speak and the way they wear are important.

Fans may still think that Guardiola is a gentle and elegant coach, but he gave up the suit a long time ago. Today, he prefers a simple, basically no color uniform: put a gray round neck sweater on the outside of the white shirt, placed under the ankle under the tight pants, with a pair of sneakers. Coach is better to be a software engineer in Silicon Valley.

Sometimes the sweater is darker, or he even pushes his clothes to a V -neck, but the nail needle is always there. Guardiola wore a yellow sweater at a press conference on February 22. This is the first time he was the team coach in 2019. It is the only time to date wearing a color outside Manchester City.

Last fall, Guardiola was photographed with Bernel’s Sean Daqi. Pop’s sweater sleeve naturally hangs above the watch; at the same time, the sleeves of the unspecified suit of Datch’s suit extended to the cuffs of the shirt. Their clothing represents who they are, but Daqi’s clothing, although not as fashionable as Guardiola, is also worthy of reflection.

People often think that head coaches like Daqi live in a worldless world, but this view is wrongly mixed with fashion and style. Say Trotsky or Miranda Priestly in Miranda Pries, you may not be interested in fashion, but fashion is interested in you.


Fashion, at least for Daiqi, means four or four squares, rigorous structures. The width of his shirt collar and tie can be traced back to the last century. Daiqi never shows gentleness -his standard image is “the bodyguard of the medium nightclub” -the dress is not bad. He just avoided the “Sprezzatura”: “Sprezzatura”: a casual and easy. The same is true of his team.


Bernley was flexible and hard. In this way, Daqi’s clothes clearly expressed the club’s core concept and his management style as clearly as Guardiola’s clothes.

Daqi is the latest embarrassment of a highly respected football character: absolutely unsustering head coach. He usually has defensive thinking, and is often older: such people may not think of hiring by the boss’s dream, but often the boss needs. He completed the task. Tony Pulis, a sportswear expert, and Sam Allardyce, who permanently wrinkled, have already mastered this routine. The “relegation experts” and “promotion experts” are both rich but not sexy characters, and their dress also meets the requirements of this role.

Marcelo Bellsa and Sali

The phenomenon of deliberately rejection of fashionable clothing does not only happen in the football circle in the UK. Ideologicalists and extreme pragmatisms like Marcelo Bielsa and Sarri like Pulis like sportswear; their dress seems to show that they are busy considering tactics and lineups. Take care of the trivial matters such as clothing. Therefore, they will use things discounted in the club store.

This is another interpretation of the role of the “king of philosophers”, not the kind of respect for Belsa’s believers Guardiola. Like Grunge, Bielsa’s anti -fashion is a fashion declaration of it. In the field of crowded football management, fashion often provides a useful visual speed note for greater ideas.

Yulgen Klopp

Zinedine Zidane began to be a model before he was appointed as Real Madrid. His black suit and tie reflected the concept of Atletico Madrid. His dress shows that stars are different from us. His incredible elegance forms a sharp contrast with Diego Simeone’s black pair of black pairs; Attack and high physical fitness.


At the international level, Joachim Low’s casual shirts and sweaters have become a symbol of Germany’s new generation; he has brought style to the traditional rigid national team on the field and field. This image of football is not tested on narrative.

Diego Simonny

In short, management fashion is actually a personal brand shaping, because the head coach has shortened the overall term of the term by transforming himself into a commodity.

Shortly after the previous England coach Fabio Capello took office, his glasses began to sell in England. The current England head coach Gareth Southgate was wearing a vest in Russia last summer, causing a sensation. Even if they are truly made, the head coach has the motivation to exaggerate their fashion choices. A piece of clothing is no longer just one dress; this must be their signature, just like their favorite formation or style.

Garez Sosgate


Just like clothes can easily express the advantages of managers, they can also represent the shortcomings of managers. Nothing can represent the decline of Arsenal, which can represent Wenger, like this former Win -Erya. There is no better metaphor for him to master a more practical game style.

Similarly, McLaren is related to the umbrella used by his hopes for the end of the European Cup qualification in Croatia in 2008. This accessory is too perfect, it is the incarnation of failure and cannot be ignored. This is why he is still called “Wully with the Brolly” more than 10 years later.


Tim Shewood

Similarly, Gilet Tim Sherwood (Gilet), who wore religiously when serving as the head coach in Tottenham, also reflects him as a liar. (When he started wearing a jacket at Aston Vela, Shewood joked that Gilets of the club store had been sold.)


Sherwood’s “viral” scandal shows that young managers must be careful on pretending to be pretended to be. They knew that the club was looking for the next major event, so they were inspired by the corresponding dress, but Shewood violated an unwritten rule, that is, the head coach should not advertise themselves too much. This is not decent.


Even the highly respected Hoffenheim Fund manager Julian Nagelsmann also encountered similar problems. In this year’s champion league against Guardiola, the 31 -year -old player was accused of “a new generation coach, and they are also fashionable people.” He was wearing a black cotton jacket with a fire truck with a red cardigan with a black shirt outside with a tie, gray pants and black sneakers. There are many, especially next to Guardiola’s habitual uniform.


Managing fashion, just like most modern football, full of inequality. The managers are facing different challenges, depending on their age and background. The gap between the rich and the poor has continued to expand, but the managers cannot choose to avoid these challenges. They are all playing an unfair game. Guardiola won as always.