No matter how old a woman is, the summer dress is contracted by “jeans”, simple and beautiful

In my heart, women should not be anxious because of their age. No matter how much they have the right to pursue fashion and beauty, it does not matter if it is not a country, as long as you can learn to wear, you can show a certain charm. No matter how old a woman is, the summer dress is contracted by the “jeans”. It is simple and good -looking. As long as you learn the wearing skills below, you can make you instantly brilliant, comfortable and casual. Let’s continue to watch it!

1. Selection of jeans


1. Features of jeans


Jeans are generally existed with “Ten Gold Oil”. I believe you are not unfamiliar with it. It is practical and can be worn all year round. The most classic color matching is denim blue and there is no restriction on the age group. Its fabric is slightly stiff, and it looks relatively young and casual. If you have a good figure, you can also use your slim design to show your slender leg shape.

2. Wide -legged/micro -pants

Both wide -leg jeans and micro -jeans are more design -like pants, which look very French romantic temperament. It is characterized by loosening up and down, which will be very loose on the calf part, so it will have a certain modification effect on the calf lines. The mop -style wide -leg pants are more suitable for tall sisters, otherwise they may wear a more procrastinating feeling.


The color of jeans can not only be blue, and other colors will also improve the overall sense of fashion to a certain extent. The brown coffee -colored wide -leg jeans will look more stable, and the gray -blue micro -trousers will also have a restrained and stable temperament. If your legs are thin, you can choose jeans with a slightly brighter color matching, which will also play a dull role.

3. Straight pants


Straight pants are more common style of jeans. It is characterized by straight up and down, leaving a certain sense of space in the trousers, so that it will not wear too tight feelings, there is no high requirements for leg shape, and even the leg shape, even the requirements of the leg shape, and even the requirements of the leg shape. It will also play a very good modification, and of course wearing a comfortable experience.


2. Patching of jeans

1. Sling/vest+jeans

Jeans are well -known and versatile. You can choose the matching match with your actual situation. The suspender top/vest are all high -skinned items. It will show your large white skin and round shoulders. The requirements for your body are very high. Don’t try without a good figure. But if your body is slender, the effect will be perfect.

2. Short knitted+jeans


The matching of short sweater and jeans is just suitable for today’s season. Now just enters the summer, the thickness of a thin knit sweater is just right, it will not be sultry, and it can avoid the low temperature in the morning and evening. It plays a role in improving the waistline. You can use high -waisted jeans to shape a pair of long legs and look more capable.

3. “Putting on the waist”

When wearing, you can learn from the way of wearing fashion bloggers to plug the jackets of the top into the waist, so that you can create a relaxed feeling, and it will also play a prominent role in Xiaoman waist. However, this method of wearing is also recommended to try with slender sisters. It is best not to have too much fat on the abdomen, otherwise it will wear very embarrassing effects.


4. French style matching

The shaping of French style is not difficult. It can be used as a reference to the following two styles. The former chose the red tulle short top+micro -jeans. The top of the shirt was incorporated into the regular printing, which is quite beautiful. The latter is a combination of dark blue shirt+light blue jeans. Both have a very retro atmosphere. Choosing them during daily travel is better.

5. suit+jeans

The matching of suits+jeans is more popular with mature workplace OL. Because the suit is easy to wear and take off, it is very practical. If the weather is hot, you can take off the suit. This will see the shirt inside. It won’t be as rigid as suit pants, and fashionable can be guaranteed. The suits are full of people, and they also have a good modification effect on the figure.


After reading the above content, I don’t know how much you have learned. Next is your time. Start a pair of better quality jeans. As long as you can match it, you can easily interpret the effortless elegance.


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