Which is not the woven wallpaper and wall cloth? What’s the difference? Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of non -woven wallpaper

Non -woven wallpaper and wall cloth are one of the important decorative materials for wall decoration, but it is necessary for people to find out before choosing. Next, I will talk about it in detail.

Non -woven wallpaper advantages and disadvantages

And the difference between non -woven wallpaper and wall cloth.

Non -woven wallpaper advantages

1. Non -woven wallpaper not only has a good decorative effect, but it also has a good purification effect. The ingredients in the wallpaper can effectively decompose the harmful substances in the air, thereby purifying the air. Living with peace of mind, because the wallpaper has personalized characteristics, it is used more in guest bedroom space.

2. The materials used in non -woven wallpaper are taken from natural, which is very in line with the concept of green environmental protection, which effectively reduces environmental pollution and human damage. Since non -woven wallpaper is produced by chemical fiber, it can be divided into two series of products according to the fiber content, of which plant fiber products are more environmentally friendly.

3. The paving of non -woven wallpaper will not produce any harmful gases, it also has good breathability, and has a certain adsorption effect on the sound. This type of wallpaper is decorated on the wall. The color is very pure, and it feels very smooth and soft, bringing a comfortable feel. In terms of space, it is very coordinated with furniture without any sense of disobedience.

4. The texture of the non -woven wallpaper contains a porous structure, allowing the wallpaper to release the natural fragrance and make the occupants smell very comfortably. In addition, this type of wallpaper has a good regulating effect on indoor humidity, and has good waterproof performance and is not vulnerable to moisture. For log furniture, the effect of non -woven wallpaper is the most obvious effect, which brings a elegant artistic beauty. It is used frequently in many mid -to -high -end decoration space, adding an indoor atmosphere.

Non -woven wallpaper disadvantages

1. Compared with other material wallpaper, the only disadvantage is the price, which will be 20%-50%higher than other wallpaper on the market, which does not meet the public home decoration budget. Although the color and patterns of the non -woven wallpaper are not rich in other wallpaper, due to the production of natural materials and the cumbersome process, the cost of wallpaper is higher, and the price is naturally more expensive than other wallpaper.


2. The price of non -woven wallpaper is relatively expensive on the market. Even the non -woven wallpaper with quality is not less than 200 yuan per square meter. Flat meter. If you consider buying this type of wallpaper, you need to prepare enough budgets, which is a small material expenditure.

The difference between non -woven wallpaper and wall cloth

1. Environmental comparison

The environmental protection of decorative materials is mainly manifested in two aspects of raw materials and auxiliary materials, especially for formaldehyde, nitrogen, benzene, TVOC and other indicators to meet relevant national standards. Sended wall cloths usually use high -tech environmental and hot -melt materials or environmentally friendly nano -PVC coating technology With non -woven bamboo charcoal composite technology, it is tasteless and non -toxic, making the environmental protection function achieve perfection.

Non -woven wallpaper can be divided into PVC wallpaper and non -woven wallpaper. Most of the mainstream products are suppressed by PVC process. PVC raw materials are also environmentally friendly on the premise that meet the relevant national standards, but the size of the wallpaper market is large, and some low -cost products cannot meet the requirements. There will be other harmful substances.

2. wear resistance

The seamless wall cloth is made of fibrous textile, which is much stronger than the wallpaper. The rubbing of ordinary fiber fabrics dozens of times is not a problem. The wall cloth is made of tens of thousands of fibers. It can be seen that its abrasion resistance and strong solidity.


The abrasion resistance of the non -woven wallpaper is worse than the wall cloth. We often see that the wallpaper on the back of the wall and chairs is worn. For damage such as bumps and scratches, the tolerance of wallpaper should also be lower.


3. Seamless paste

The seamless wall cloth can achieve one room, a cloth or a piece of cloth, a cloth, and the wall is seamlessly seamless, and there will be no phenomenon such as curls, tips and cracking. This is also a more important feature of seamless wall cloths different from wallpaper.

Which is not to woven wallpaper and wall cloth?

1. Non -woven wallpaper and ordinary wallpaper are easier to open, more waterproof, not easy to cut seams, no warp, and the seams are intact, natural quality, smell and fragrant, fashionable and elegant.

2. The bottom of the non -woven wallpaper is integrated with a paper -free base. The advanced process of direct printing colors is richer than the weaving wallpaper pattern. It is a noble and elegant classic pattern and simple and stylish modern design style.

3. The color of the wallpaper and wall cloth is diverse, the patterns are delicate and orderly, and there are many changes. For uneven or rough walls, they can modify the soft and flat texture.

The above is the relevant knowledge about non -woven wallpaper and wall cloth. I hope it can help you.