It turns out that glass water still has these functions!

Many car owner friends think that it is not just cleaning the front windshield. It is necessary to use the self -made of detergent and laundry powder with detergent and laundry. In fact, glass water is not just “water”. In addition to cleaning the glass, it also has other functions.

1. Cleaning function

Motor glass water is composed of multiple surfactants and additives. Surface active agents usually have functions such as moisturizing, penetration, and dissolving, which play a role in cleaning and decontamination.

2. Anti -frozen function

Glass water contains alcohol, ethylene glycol and other ingredients, which can significantly reduce the freezing point of the liquid, thereby anti -freezing.


3. Anti -fog function

Glass water will form a layer of single -molecular protective layer on the glass surface. This protective film can prevent the formation of fog drops on the window glass to a certain extent, ensuring that the windshield glass is kept transparent.


4. Lubrication function


Glass water contains ethylene glycol, which has a large viscosity. It can be lubricated, reducing friction between the wiper and the glass, preventing scratches on the windshield, and the noise produced when the rainwater scrape the glass.

Information Source | Driving Guide