The novel “Xianning of the Landscape” Chapter 46 (Part 1)

Gao Xiaobing and Bai Yingxue moved from the east suburbs to the southern suburbs. The two of them had the rhinoceros and the sun also followed Bailu to the end of the Nanshan Mountain. At noon, the weather is getting clear.

The shop is bathing in the warm sun. The door of Xianning Restaurant facing the sun in the south, and the customer was at the door of the meal. At this moment, the door was glory, and he looked at the warmth of his body.

Winter warm sun, do not live up to it. Gao Xiaobing stopped in front of the store and took the sun to think about things. Bai Yingxue entered the store, Lei Xiaorong asked, are you back, what about the senior soldiers? Bai Yingxue said that the sun was dried outside the door. Lei Xiaorong went out, and three of your classmates came to you. I said that you have been in an internship, and they have just left for a while. Who is Gao Xiaobing asked? Lei Xiaorong said, Zhang Wentao Jinjie, and the fart -fledged growth. Gao Xiaobing listened to the station of the North Korean Political Law School. One person went and returned four people.

Bai Yingxue asked Jin Jie and others to enter the store, and instructed the waiter to clean up a table against the window of Xiangyang. Everyone sat down, and Gao Xiaobing personally made tea pour water. Li Jianping said, what kind of tea did Da Yi drink at noon? Gao Xiaobing looked at Zhang Wentao and Jin Jie and said, “You didn’t eat it, and I didn’t eat it. How many cups would I drink? Jin Jie and Bai Yingxue spoke, Zhang Wentao nodded with a smile, and did not wait for the arrangement of Gao Xiaobing. Lei Xiaorong tried to bring two cold dishes up, a plate of frozen meat, and a plate of boiled peanut rice. Li Jianping glanced at Lei Xiaorong, saying that it was almost the same. Lei Xiaorong asked to drink beer or liquor. Gao Xiaobing sought opinions. Li Jianping said liquor. Gao Xiaobing asked, can Jin Jie drink white wine? Zhang Wentao said, what is the old watches saying. Jin Jie said, I follow the current. Lei Xiaorong poured a pot of Liang Limin, who was stored in the restaurant, and took five wine cups. Gao Xiaobing asked everyone what to eat. After reporting to the kitchen, he told Lei Xiaorong that if you are not busy, you also sit and drink. Lei Xiaorong glared at Li Jianping who was peeking at her and took a wine cup for herself, next to Gao Xiaobing and Bai Yingxue.

Drinking wine, two undergraduates asked where the other party was internship? Gao Xiaobing said that I was divided into a factory in the eastern suburbs of Xijing City. Zhang Wentao said that I was not as lucky as you, and the studies from Xianning County were divided into Xianning County. Li Jianping and Lei Xiaorong fighting wine, but they couldn’t drink, and they couldn’t drink. All three girls said that he was dependent, and he shifted the topic, saying that he had been in the Xijing Sports Academy for two years. Unlike Gao Xiaobing had a background, he returned to Xianning County like Zhang Wentao and became a sports teacher for more than a year. Zhang Wentao said that Gao Xiaobing and I talked about you, don’t intervene, you have to remember that your current identity is a people’s police. Li Jianping said that when a policeman arrived at night, he had a nosy trouble. The wind blowing the sun and the wind came to the rain. Zhang Wentao said, cousin, you are content. In order to mobilize your work, my dad has risky. Li Jianping said, who made him me.

After three patrols, the dumplings and noodles came, and Li Jianping was also entangled with Gao Xiaobing Lei Xiaorong to drink. Zhang Wentao said, cousin, eating while hot, after eating, and told Gao Xiaobing! Li Jianping said, Lei Xiaorong and I drank, you told him. Gao Xiaobing put down his chopsticks and looked at Zhang Wentao and said, we have been in love for so many years, what do you say straight. Zhang Wentao said, please and Bai Yingxue to drink a happy wine. As soon as the words were exported, Bai Yingxue said in front of Gao Xiaobing, Okay, when will you get married, Gao Xiaobing and I must go. Jin Jie beside him opened the bag on his shoulder, there were two invitations inside, and one was handed over to Bai Yingxue. Gao Xiaobing asked, did you tell us his classmates? Jin Jie said that everything can be encountered, and when you get it, Zhang Xiaomei and Xu Wu are left. Bai Yingxue was very excited to hear Zhang Xiaomei’s name, and asked about Jin Jie Zhang Xiaomei’s recent situation. Jin Jie saw that she was jealous and knew that she couldn’t hide it. She looked at Gao Xiaobing and said that she graduated and returned to Xianning County. She worked in the township government and married Xu Wu on New Year’s Day. Bai Yingxue said, she just graduated for half a year, why was so anxious to get married? Jin Jie did not know how to answer, Li Jianping said that his stomach is big, three or four months, you can’t get married! The words were amazing, and Jin Jie Bai Yingxue looked at each other. Gao Xiao’s troops had no expression. Zhang Wentao hurriedly said, don’t listen to him nonsense, the adults in the house are tight, and it is convenient to get married. Li Jianping said that you and Jin Jie are convenient for getting married. They can’t cover the fire in the paper. Zhang Wentao said, the same thing, it changed in your mouth. Gao Xiaobing finally couldn’t help it. He sneered, and he could not spit out ivory in his mouth. Li Jianping said with his lips that Confucius said that he was eating men and women. To be ugly, I tell the truth, people are the same, men and women love, no one can escape. You both have to get married quickly, so as not to have a lot of dreams. It ’s not strange to see, Bai Yingxue knew that Li Jianping was accustomed to opening the river, and he was not angry. He said, what you said is right, and the marriage name is just right. You are a classmate, and you have a destination for Xiu Chengguo. When I work with Gao Xiaobing next year, I will get married. Gao Xiaobing said, facing it. Bai Yingxue and I are no longer married, your baby is big, my baby has to call you baby and sister! Everyone laughed, and Lei Xiaorong laughed.

After drinking tea and chatting after meals, the warm sun in front of the window came in through the glass, and the room was warm. Gao Xiaobing waited for Master Jiang Dacheng to call, saying that he was still busy in the afternoon and the next time he made an appointment. Putting down the phone, Gao Xiaobing returned to the table. Zhang Wentao asked, what do you and Bai Yingxue do in the afternoon? Gao Xiaobing said that he had visited Beilin and Guanzhong Academy with my master. My master couldn’t leave, so it’s okay! Zhang Wentao said, that’s good, Jin Jie and I got married. I entered the city today to pull clothes. The new price of the novel style of Luoma City is also appropriate. You take us to your guy Qin Shugui’s shop. Gao Xiaobing said that there was no problem.

So, when I took a bus No. 3 into the city, before leaving the door, Lei Xiaorong asked Gao Xiaobing and returned to dinner at night. Bai Yingxue said, seeing the situation, maybe returning, maybe not back. After the rain, the sun followed the young people. When I reached the bell tower, the four streets were all sunny cars. Entering the pushing market transmission, Gao Xiaobing reminded Jin Jie Bai Yingxue to be careful of the thief. Li Jianping said, I am wearing public security clothes, who dares to steal us when my eyes are blind? Bai Yingxue quietly told Gao Xiaobing that he was a idle person who had a strong man who had a strong way to grow up. Gao Xiaobing said, his old cousin is good, right? Bai Yingxue said that in contrast, it is much better than him.

A circle around Luoma City, picking a little bit, compared with quality and price, Zhang Wentao and Jin Jie finally bought a wedding dress in Qin Shugui’s shop. The salesperson gave them a large discount. Li Jianping also wanted to engage in the price. The salesperson said that when you are my boss, Gao Xiaobing Bai Yingxue, it must have a good relationship with him. I bought it to you at the entry price and delayed my appraisal. Zhang Wentao and Jin Jieming knew that they had taken advantage of cheap, and the salesperson might be the truth and paid the money happily. After leaving Luma City, Zhang Wentao said that he went back to Min Street to ask Gao Yingxue to eat. Gao Xiaobing said that Huimin Street is crowded. You are carrying large bags and small bags. Li Jianping said that when we return to Xianning Restaurant, I love to eat the meals made by Lei Xiaorong. Zhang Wentao said that he ate a meal at noon, and he was embarrassed when he was dark. Gao Xiaobing said that there was something embarrassed, and it was rare to gather together. Zhang Wentao said that you love to live lively and go to Xianning Town. There is a new gourd head in West Street. Gao Xiaobing looked at Bai Yingxue, who was talking to Jin Jie, and Bai Yingxue said, “If you want to go, let’s go!

The sun on the west is about to fall, walking out of the south gate, walking to bus station 15. The 59th bus just stopped on the station and waited for people. When he got up, he found that the driver was the second brother Gao Xiaojun. Gao Xiaobing bought a ticket, Zhou Xiaoni did not collect his money. Jin Jie bought a ticket to Xianning Town nearby. Zhou Xiaoni received the money and teared the ticket to ask her as a few people? Jin Jie pointed to her. Pointing to Gao Xiaobing Bai Yingxue, Zhou Xiaoni retired her ticket for two people, and Jin Jie stuffed her again.

Gao Xiaobing Bai Yingxue greeted the second brother and Gao Xiaojun. Gao Xiaojun asked, did you two go back to see his mother? Gao Xiaobing said that he went to Xianning Town with his classmates. From the south gate to Xianning Town, Gao Xiaobing Bai Yingxue sat in front of him to speak to the second brother. Gao Xiaobing said that the school arranged for his internship in a state -owned factory, and said that he and Bai Yingxue went to see his father. Deputy Factory Director Li said that his father retired and let the second brother stand for the successor. Gao Xiaojun seemed to laugh and laughed. He said, he said, the three of the three sitting behind were your classmates? That girl is the woman of our teacher Gao Yangpo Jin? Gao Xiaobing said, yes, she got married on New Year’s Day, and I and Bai Yingxue returned to Gaojiazhuang. Gao Xiaojun said, you two are back, telling our mother, waiting for me at home at night, and my sister -in -law and my baby are dark when they are dark.

The car arrived at the county party’s cross, Gao Xiaobing Bai Yingxue and Zhang Wentao got out of the car and went to Xianning Town West Street to eat soup with fresh sausage fat gourd head. Sure enough, how delicious people were, one soup and two ravioli, Bai Yingxue couldn’t finish eating. He gave a ravioli to Gao Xiaobing in advance, and cooked it and gave him some intestines. Jin Jie ate two crickets, and Zhang Wentao and Li Jianping both eaten three crickets. Eating the gourd head, Li Jianping’s eyebrows flying up the gourd head, in addition to the well -known legend of the medicine king Sun Siyi, talked about Jia Jingcheng’s writer in Xijing City loved it. ” Wenpeng’s poet in the field came to Xijing City, and the writer Jia please eat the gourd head. Friends from other places do not know what food is the gourd head. The interpretation of the writer Jia understands that pig hemorrhoids. Li Jianping’s voice was big, and the customers next to them heard it and couldn’t eat disgustingly. Looking for things, see Li Jianping wearing a police uniform, the son of the Public Security Bureau’s director sitting with him, the other two women and a man are also outstanding in appearance, knowing that you can’t afford it. After a distance, I scolded. He scolded Li Jianping like a dog, and did not understand the police skin. He also became a police officer. It must be a back door, and the police are also a blind police officer.


The scolding person went far, and the people in the store couldn’t hear, and they were still happy to eat and drink. The day after the meal was dark and went to Zhang Wentao’s house together. The 100 houses where the leading cadres of Xianning County lived in the new house of Zhang Wentao Jinjie. At first sight, the director of the Public Security Bureau pulled his hand and talked with him. Are you a small soldier? I often listen to Li Jianping Zhang Wentao and Jin Jie. They said you, and I finally saw you today. Not only do you study well, but also look good. No wonder, Zhang Wentao Jinjie gets married and lets you be a groomsman and your girlfriend as a bridesmaid! Speaking of Gao’s soldiers, it was very difficult to feel embarrassed. The director of the Public Security Bureau saw Bai Yingxue and asked, this is your girlfriend, Vice Governor of Xijing City Bai Governor Qianjin Bai girl? Bai Yingxue smiled and said yes. The director of the Public Security Bureau was busy opening up the hands of Gao Single and asked with concern, did you eat? Don’t eat it, let your aunt cook for you!