These French underwear are really beautiful, I want to wear it when I sleep. I can’t bear to share at all

Every time I talk about French style, some high -level and proud words can’t help but jump out of my mouth: Effortless Chic, laziness, elegance …

This brand recommended today

The upper body is really beautiful and comfortable!

I can only think of three words: exquisite, romantic and fashionable.

Real -shot upper body effect

Underwear is in China, as if it is a taboo topic


Every time I mentioned underwear, especially lace underwear, many people expressed embarrassment.

I tried me at the end of 2019

The first set of lace underwear.

After putting it on, I suddenly understood why French women were so charming! I think

Not only a little girl, even if it is forty years old, 50 years old


You should try this set of exquisite lace embroidered underwear.

Our office has been organized once before, and it has been recommended for everyone.


The popular size and color are sold out, some bought several sets directly

Since the shelves, people who bought this underwear before

One after another, saying beauty, exquisite and easy to wear:

There are still many people who bought it

Two or three sets


really like

Someone also


I bought more than 1500 yuan directly,

Start all the colors

People who did not grab also strongly requested to recommend it again.

It is not only good -looking, it is okay

Resist the gravity of the ground, delay the sagging of the chest

, Put out a better chest type.

I finally won today

Petting Series

More inventory of the classic beauty back

8 color options



Value -for -money price

You can buy it directly. In short, you must try it, you will fall in love with yourself.


Click the figure below to buy

△ Smallwatch Reference

Note: It is recommended to choose M code when wearing 70C, 75C is recommended to choose L code

01 Underwear designer origin, professional underwear

This is the right way for women to love themselves

We are accustomed to wearing cotton and steel -free underwear subconsciously, and do not look at the styles.

Just be comfortable

I am myself,

The underwear in the wardrobe is changed every year, but the color is not great.

Some people have to be full, big, big, and gathered. As a result, they are relying on hard steel rings and thick sponge pads.

Squeeze hard, put on tension and tight.

It seems that comfortable and sexy and beautiful can never have both!

I thought so before. But this set of steel -free underwear really broke my cognition. Let me introduce this underwear brand first.

Only when you deeply understand the entrepreneurial process of a brand, you know that every product is behind its appearance, deep meaning, can we wear it comfortably.


The founder of the lingerie, Huang Yinqian, is the premier underwear designer in China. She graduated from one of the four major design colleges in the world

French ESMOD underwear design version major

Numerous awards in students.

Because of the talent shown in the student’s works, Huang Yinqian is subject to France

“Underwear Mother -in -law”

Ms. Chantal Thomass’s appreciation was invited to join the design department of Chantal Thomass to learn underwear knowledge.

Huang Yinqian’s design manuscript during his student days

After returning home to develop,


He has designed high -end lines in large brands such as Mannfen and Anlfang.

After working for a long time, Huang Yinqian found that the design concept of domestic underwear is quite monotonous, basically all

“Adjustment, collecting auxiliary milk”,

Relying on a thick sponge+steel ring.


French underwear design, first consider women’s health first

Women’s breasts are distributed with abundant blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves. Long -term squeezing will not only “strangle out of the milk”, but also cause breast disease.

“Underwear should respect the woman’s body and needs in different scenarios.”

Huang Yinqian decided:

Make a underwear that meets the needs of Chinese women for Chinese women,

Let everyone know, “Wow, it turns out that underwear can be so intimate.”


02 Global high -luxury brand lace fabric supplier

Without steel rings, wrapping and support are also very good

Underwear is the most close -fitting clothing, and the best is used.

Huang Yinqian finally chose lace fabric suppliers specifically for high luxury brands, all of which use the same fabric.

This high -grade lace is not only exquisite and beautiful, delicate and skin -friendly. The most important thing is high elasticity. As long as the cup type sewing is delicate enough,

Unlike some manufacturers, in order to save costs, they often use cheap and good sewing laces, and formaldehyde and pH are often violated.

The skin of a woman’s chest is the most tender. The materials are not easy to contact and rubbed the skin, which is easy to swell and itching.

In addition to the best fabric requirements, the sewing process Huang Yinqian also enabled a very complex triangular cup design. The side seams and chest width lines can only be artificially sew.

For 1 set of processing, you can make 4 sets. Except for some custom underwear, there are almost no factories. The inside underwear was almost tire.


Classic buyer show: retro powder, 34/75A, wearing S code

Many people also persuade Huang Yinqian to change the actual technology, fast speed and low difficulty.

But she gritted her teeth and insisted on the original plan. In the end, her insistence was confirmed to be worth it:

The exquisite tailoring can give full play to the high elasticity of lace, and it also has the effect of upper support and preventing side milk from expanding the chest.

if only

Focus and tailoring can be used to make enough kung fu. No steel ring can also have good wrapping and support.

Not like

The hard steel circle underwear will be pinched to the meat or poke the chest, and it will not be good for the body.

Many amateur A and B cups are not empty cups, no running positions, C and D cups are stable and supported.

The brand has therefore obtained a design exterior patent. (Patent number: 201930348167.0)

03 Classic Beauty Back

Comfortable to make people forget its existence



Classic models are a very low sense of existence

This is due to it

No steel ring design,


Usually no steel ring underwear is easy to appear without type, this classic model passes


28 revised edition,

Each millimeter is not let go.

In order to make lace underwear, it can also be like a light -faced bra.

The craftsmanship of the mask cup has experienced 8 improvements.

Good wrapping makes the chest

There will be no feeling of empty cups and uncomfortable stickers,

Although it is better to gather the breasts to squeeze out the career line, this natural line, what is the most powerful and ease of interpretation.

Vest -type shoulder strap design,

Dive the pressure,

Neither shoulder and armpit,

Don’t worry about running positions, chest tightness, and slippery shoulder straps.

△ Real shot: lace is exquisite and romantic,

Smoching the skin

This classic has a total of 8 colors, retro powder classics, led white pure, dark black and mysterious, thin green classical.


Out of the health considerations for women, the coloring of environmental protection is completely environmentally friendly.

Chi Jin is cold and noble, and it is rare that it is particularly lined with skin tone.

It will make you impulsive, look at the mirror, because it is very beautiful.

The combination of ink tea lace underwear and Qian red underwear,

There is a kind of enthusiastic exotic, wearing this underwear to practice yoga, dancing beautiful and charm.

△ Left: Mocha underwear with Qian red underwear


Right: A full set of Chijin

The lining of the skin color also sets off the lace of different colors, which is more clear and beautiful. It is sexy, not afraid of glowing, and a steady sense of security.

The bras are also equipped with a grinding chest pad, which can be disassembled freely.

Inner plugs can be disassembled, can be washed, fast, and good storage.

This is the size for everyone:

The inside design concept is to put on each body of women to wear, and they can do it.

Combat, sexy, confident, and security.

Love yourself is the sexiest thing woman

Each woman can interpret different sexy, wearing the beauty of its own, take advantage of the discount!

Fans exclusive discount

Elegant, sexy, comfortable underwear


I will fall in love with myself after wearing it


Lieutenant · Pets Series

French beauty backwear

Official price

308 yuan/piece

Fan exclusive discount 228 yuan

Set (underwear+underwear)

Official price 378 yuan/piece

Fan exclusive discount 298 yuan

50 yuan no threshold coupon, Kangxi blue and white cup

The quantity is limited.











Click the figure below to buy

Click the figure below to buy

△ Smallwatch Reference

Note: It is recommended to choose M code when wearing 70C, 75C is recommended to choose L code


Note: It is recommended to choose M code when wearing 70C, 75C is recommended to choose L code

Without steel rings, wrapping and support are also very good

Comfortable to make people forget its existence