What should I do if the pot is burnt? Teach you 1 trick, the black stains fall off in seconds, renewed, and instantly becomes not sticky.

What should I do if the pot is burnt at home? How did you clean it? Today I will share with you the previous trick. The black stains in the pot immediately fell off, and immediately the same as the new one.

Usually cooking at home and cooking, I believe that friends will inevitably have a burnt pot, and when they encounter this situation, they basically use shovel to scrape it, or add water to soak in it for a day, and then use it to brush the brushing. , But none of these methods may not be completely removed.


Some people choose to continue using it, while others throw it away and buy a new iron pot. This is a waste. Therefore, today I will use orange peel to teach everyone a small trick to make the burnt cooker quickly renewed quickly.

【Wash the pot with orange leather】

Ingredients: iron pot, soda, orange peel, edible oil


1. First pour a little baking soda into the burnt pot, and then add enough water to add enough water. The amount of water here must not be burned.

2. Then turn on the fire, cover the water in the pot, boil it, continue to cook for three or five minutes, and put some orange peels in it.


3. Orange peel is acidic, contains organic solvents, and the squeesence is weakly alkaline. The reaction of the two is conducive to the oil and sewage in the scorched iron pot, and then play a role in removing oil.

4. After adding the orange peel into the pot, stir a few times, and then continue to cover the lid and cook for 5 minutes. Time arrives, turn off the heat, and put the soda orange water for 10 minutes.

5 or 10 minutes, you can pour the dirty water in the iron pot, add a little water in it, and add a little dishwashing with a pot to brush the remaining dirt in the pan.


6, the iron pot is all cleaned, then rinse it with flowing water several times, then put the iron pot on the stove, turn on the fire to dry the water, and I will share with you a small tip of non -stick pot maintenance.


7. Pour more edible oil into the pot and burn the oil to slightly heat, use a kitchen tissue to apply the iron pot with edible oil. It forms a layer of oil film.

8. For two minutes, turn off the heat and cool the oil in the pot. After the oil is cool, use a kitchen tissue to repeat the last operation, about 2 minutes.

9. After applying it, put it for two hours. After two hours, wash the iron pot with hot water and wash the oil. The maintenance of the iron pot is almost good, and it will not stick to the pan at all.

10. Operation according to the above method, you can form an oil film on the surface of the iron pot well. Whether it is fried eggs or fried tofu, you can fry well and not sticky at all.


Well, the above method of cleaning the iron pot and the steps of maintenance of the iron pot is shared here. Remember to boil the water in the pot every time after cleaning the iron pot in the future. Edible oil, so that when used, it will not stick to the pan.

At the same time, every time we roasted vegetables, we must pay attention to observing the heat and avoid burning the iron pot.