Autumn and winter long thick coral velvet sleeping skirt cutting pictures, cute and warm home service

Today we shared with you the autumn and winter long thick coral velvet sleeping skirt cutting drawings. Students who like this style can do it. This cutting picture has been put on the sewing head. Based on the pictures of the usual units and CM units, the black data in the tailoring map is the market inch data, and the red is CM data to meet the needs of different scholars. Some students say that they can’t understand the city’s unit. It is easy to get the data as long as you compare with the soft ruler. We use the city inch and not inch. Don’t make mistakes.



The main points of production:


Today, the autumn and winter long long thick coral velvet sleeping skirt we share with you. This long pajamas are a more practical home clothes in autumn and winter. Men and women are common. The hat of the cartoon ears should be cut. You need to add a sewing head to the place where the cut head will be too small. The production will be relatively simple. It is recommended to learn the entry -level tutorial first. This is convenient to understand the tailoring. The material for this top is the most suitable for coral velvet material. A amp: 150cm 2.5 meters. If you are a novice, you can buy a little more. Today’s tailoring model is suitable for people with a height of 160cm. It can be changed to 34 inches, otherwise it is too uncomfortable. When you choose the fabric, you will also pay attention to the data when you choose the fabric because the elasticity of the fabric is different.

Cut the picture:

(The tailoring point can be enlarged) The formula of the formula has been placed in the circle. Those who have been added can be viewed at any time


(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

Reference data (unit: inch)

Dress length: 32/112cm (this can be according to the needs of each person) Bare: 37/123cm Shoulder width: 14/47cm sleeve length: 16/56cm