The “change” road of underwear, comfortable models are more favored by women.

Do you remember the Angel of Victoria’s Secret? Wearing “angel wings”, they wore “Victoria’s Secret” underwear on the stage, attracting countless people’s attention. At the time, those sexy underwear was popular all over the country, and each girl wanted to have such a set of “supermodels”.

However, in May 2020, Victoria’s Secrets labeled “sexy stunners” closed 250 stores. At the same time, the Victoria’s Secret Angel Show with a perfect figure will no longer be held.


Speaking of which, many of the product lines of Wei Mi are designed with high -chest trustees. Many women say that they are helpless and frustrated about the bras design that abandon the comfort. After all, the design is people -oriented, but many of them ignore women’s real needs for underwear. This is also an important reason why it is not favored by women in recent years.

Now you will find that you will find that you look at every shop that sells women’s underwear in your eyes. It seems to emphasize a word: comfort. Even the products in most stores are one -piece of steel, which looks very simple; there are no traces, tube tops, vests … … and other styles, endless.

It can be found that the underwear stores have abandoned gorgeous and sexy in an appointment, and began to focus on simplicity, comfort, and properness. The women’s underwear industry seems to be setting off a “steel -free movement”. Not only is the category with higher comfort, but also the new darling of the underwear market. Like a cup size and size non -size category, it is also the first choice for female consumers because of its light and comfortable characteristics.


According to the sales data of the brand special e -commerce Vipshop, since January 2022, the search volume of “steel -free underwear” on the platform increased by 38%year -on -year; %; Even keywords such as “no sensation”, “no trace”, and “vest” have replaced the hot words of “gathering” and “improvement” into the underwear brand.


In general, young women are now gradually abandoning the sexy as defined by “gathering”, “improvement”, and “thickened sponge”, and evolve in a comfortable and light direction. This new trend has also injected new impetus into the industry’s prospects. Many emerging brands, such as Ubras, has a tree, internal and external underwear brands such as Baoga, internal and external undergone, and as the Internet enters the domestic women’s underwear market to seize market share Essence


Taking Ubras as an example, from January to March this year, the brand’s overall sales at Vipshop have doubled year-on-year! Especially in March of this year, the “Underwear Product Day” launched in the first event of the newly opened column “Super Product Category” on Vipshop, the sales volume of brands such as Ubras, Internal and Outside, Anlifang, Ai Anfen, etc. More than 100%.

Speaking of which, the common reason why these brands can become the TOP industry of the subdivium category are probably because they all meet the real needs of consumers, and they are carried out around “comfort” during product development. Therefore, whether it is ubras, inside and outside, or banana, they are sought after by consumers, so they are sold at Vipshop.

From the steel ring to the steel ring, from the size to the size, from the chest pad to the chest pad. The Chinese underwear market is conducting a vigorous “subtraction action” at the speed of visible to the naked eye. And this is not only a major innovation of women’s underwear, but also the consumption upgrade of women’s underwear!