The Top Ten Handsome BOSS Ranking and Analysis Soul Series BOSS Ranking of “Soul” series

In the “Soul” series of BOSS, which are the most memories of the momentum and appearance? Today, the editor brought the top ten handsome BOSS rankings and analysis of the “Soul” series shared by “A Heart on Cliff Wall”. Interested players come to see with Xiaobian.

Ninth place: greedy magic dragon

This boss’s domineering shape is really shocking. Seriously, the person who played for the first time would be shocked, and it would be a twelve -point spirit to deal with it, but it will be found that this boss will be like this for a while. Weak chicken

Eighth place: Mirror Knight

rainstorm! Thunder! Empire! knight!

《魂》系列十大帅气BOSS排名及分析 魂系列BOSS排行

The silver -white mirror knight, holding a big sword and a big shield, waiting for the undead people who came to challenge.

It is not handsome, but with the background, it is very oppressed.

《魂》系列十大帅气BOSS排名及分析 魂系列BOSS排行

Seventh place: Giant Wolf Hev

There is a big sword in his mouth, and the giant wolf Hefu, who is very fast, is a pet of the Cavaliers Aldlez. He guards the tomb of Aldlis. The waves are coming, it is really a handsome boss.

When there is only a trace of blood left, it will limped attacks. It is distressing. If you save it in DLC, it will recognize you when the opening of the CG, but unfortunately, it is a pity, but unfortunate Always kill it.

Sixth place: Storm King

《魂》系列十大帅气BOSS排名及分析 魂系列BOSS排行

The largest boss in the soul of the devil, or the largest boss in the soul series, the shape is similar to the devil fish, the hegemon in the sky, the king of storm

《魂》系列十大帅气BOSS排名及分析 魂系列BOSS排行

Fifth place: Gao Tower Knight

《魂》系列十大帅气BOSS排名及分析 魂系列BOSS排行

The tall tower knight, one of the three heroes of Wangcheng, became a giant after becoming a demon. The big shield long gun is really domineering, but the strength is very weak. Even if it becomes a demon, he is loyal to guard Wang Cheng

《魂》系列十大帅气BOSS排名及分析 魂系列BOSS排行

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《魂》系列十大帅气BOSS排名及分析 魂系列BOSS排行

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Fourth place: run through the knight

One of the three heroes of Wangcheng runs through the knight, and the posture of holding the sword with both hands looks handsome. It is a pity not to have this armor in the game.

《魂》系列十大帅气BOSS排名及分析 魂系列BOSS排行

Third place: Abyss Pedestrian-Aldleus

Tragedy hero, Wang Zhi Knight Aldus, in order to save Ulaxi Road, was tragicly polluted by the abyss, and his left hand was abolished, but even so, his strength was very powerful, and he was very handsome. In addition (I don’t know if it is true), and I have harvested countless fans

Second place: Longxing-Wengstan

《魂》系列十大帅气BOSS排名及分析 魂系列BOSS排行

Personally, I feel that the most handsome set of armor in the soul series, even if we only wear parts, are very handsome, only the helmet, the red hair is missing, it is very awkward, and the appearance method is very coquettish. I don’t know what he did from the second floor (maybe on the second floor (maybe in the princess of the sun, it also shows why the first four knights of the king are so weak, it must be much more), the partner is a sister -in -law, this pair of base friends, this pair of base friends How many people’s nightmares are the combination?

First place: pseudo -king Orand

Rather than king, it is better to be a demon with a king body, nicknamed “jet”

The pseudo -king overlooking Wangcheng, white hair and white clothes are all majestic. It is difficult to imagine how to maintain such a standard figure at such an old age. The old handsome guy, the movement of tearing off the cloak is really handsome.

Don’t look at the body’s thinness, very strong strength, I can cope with it a few weeks ago, and later it became more and more difficult to fight.