Li Bingbing escaped the middle -aged blessing, the long coat+pleated skirt is cut age, the head and body ratio are amazing

Successful dressing has its own temperament characteristics, and at the same time, it can truly achieve long -term avoidance, so that their own advantages can be better played.

Therefore, it is not a casual thing to wear, and simple and practical skills must be mastered. In particular, mature women are even more so, not only in line with age characteristics, but also cannot ignore the problem of age reduction.

Li Bingbing is no longer young, but the private server is still very fashionable, and his own state is very young. He can’t see the real age at all. Once wearing a black and yellow sweater, the bright and age -reducing effect was full. If you want to wear a very common coat, Li Bingbing is a good example.


Li Bingbing escaped the middle -aged blessing. The long coat+pleated skirt was reduced. The head and body were amazing. If you can only buy a jacket throughout the winter, I believe most people will vote for black coats. After all, the color is classic and good, and it also has the excellent characteristics of being thinner.


Anyone and style should be easily controlled, and it is easy to use the characteristics of color versatile to match more diverse styling effects. Although there are many advantages of black coats, it is also easy to wear a lot of passers -by. The shape of Li Bingbing is very special. It is used to match the dazzling yellow hoodie, far away from the black dull and cold feeling.

Li Bingbing is obviously 48 years old, but he wears a pleated skirt but still looks like a girl. He has no sense of middle age. The yellow color is enough to attract a strong visual impact. The casual and very young hoodie has better avoided the problem of being too mature and stable. In addition, the matching of the lower installation also breaks through the routine.


The pleated skirt with a natural luster is completely consistent with the color of the coat, which directly makes the shape look more overall. The echo of the color is also one of the focus of the shape and taste. And the half skirt has a great benefit, that is, it has a strong role in modifying the lower body.

Because the lower body is bloated due to the lack of time to exercise, the skirt can play a role in modifying the shortcomings. Once the slender ankle can be highlighted, it will also look more visually.

The combination of different styles of items will strengthen the sense of layering of the shape, and can work hard to wear a very personal effect. However, for the popularity of the autumn and winter seasons, it may seem simple and stylish, but if you do not pay attention to the details of the details, it will also cause the problem of bloated and fat. Therefore, you must control the inner version, and do not wear a very dull effect, otherwise, even if your body is perfect, it will look fat.

Whether it is a season or style, it is prone to aesthetic fatigue with clothing. Therefore, accessories cannot be ignored. Like hats or sunglasses, it will make the shape have different effects.

The baseball cap will make you look very vibrant, and the fisherman’s hat will show a very gentle atmosphere. Therefore, everyone must learn to make good use of hats for embellishment, which can also improve the success rate of modeling.

At the end of the year, various large -scale activities are very frequent. The combination of skirts and coats will bring grand and very good temperament effects. Western and high -level earth colors will feel warm on the coat.


The long skirt of the waist design highlights the good figure, and the coat is randomly put on the shoulders, which can not only play a warm role, but also help improve the personal aura. You don’t need to choose a gorgeous dress very much, which will also make you the focus of the event. Of course, as long as you can use the combined combination skills, it will also bring a strong visual impact.

If wearing a basic coat and a single product with classic fashion elements, it will also bring different effects. Compared with solid color elements, there is a retro atmosphere, and the visual effect is richer. It is not difficult to match.

Common solid color items and checkered combinations fully conform to the combination of combination. The same as the color of the coat color also improves the overall sense of shape. The combination of the same element will also make the shape more interesting.