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Japanese girl gathers underwear, 79 yuan / 2 pieces, beautiful turns

The little fairy is good at night, and when we come to us, you will talk to the private room!

Today, sproutings talk to you talk about our underwear. Bud buds have had a very tasteful friend told me:


Look at a woman to live fine, look at its underwear.

Although the underwear can not see, a beautiful and comfortable underwear really will make a woman feel from the inside. The material is inexpensive and inferior underwear, in addition to it looks not beautiful, it is easy to let our delicate skin red allergies.

Don’t say what underwear is just prepared for your boyfriend, please remember the sprout,

Good-looking underwear is just to please I ourselves OK


! ! !

So today’s sprout also gives you a good look and comfortable, the price is superior cabbage underwear.

Limited time offer 79 yuan two pieces

, Everyone will start with you! You can buy it directly to the picture below ~

The sprriers saw this underwear for the first time, even if they didn’t do it, and you see this color, really directly hit my girl, combine the comfort, sexy, romance,

Who can hold back?


Two-piece underwear is two different materials, a silk surface is a lace, both of which are very nice. Especially this, there is also a silk surface.

Strap design


Every small detail is superior!

Like lace and satin this fabric is very soft and comfortable, just like it is your own skin, there is almost no feeling. My favorite is it

No steel ring design


, The upper body will not have the feeling of being pulled, super comfortable!

The first thing to return home every day is no longer taking off the underwear. Even if you wear a very tight dress, you don’t have to be afraid of traces, let me hate every day!

Bud knows that there may be little fairy people will worry, there is no steel ring underwear will not support our chest, or the gathering effect is not satisfactory?

Do not worry! The most powerful point is its

3D stereo cup

Therefore, it is not worried that it will go to the cup.


It’s very smooth in Mian soft, gently pressing the second rebound, the breathable mouth of the little love makes the upper body more comfortable, no feeling.

Moreover, the side wings of this underwear are widened,


8cm wide

Therefore, we can hold our chest, to achieve support and parcel, deputy


Milk, you can invisible


, There will be no leaks, empty cups!

The underwear of lace model is also a big man, it uses

The best form of French lace

, Artificial design machinery, and the common style of soft collapse in the market, its cup mat is


2.5cm hand palm cup design

. As the name, just like a pair of big hands, it is very good to support the chest, completely don’t worry, it will be sagged or expanded!

Bud buds must make more mouth, this underwear is really gospel for small breasts! Because of it


Gathering effect is really too good.


! Like sprouting this flat chest, you can have a ditch, feel your own sexy, I can’t help but look at the mirror. Hahaha.

Note that these two underwear shoulder straps are detachable, you can match the clothes in the summer, average

One 40 is less than the price

It is really super cost-effective! I want to get started. I can buy it directly below the picture ~

I believe that you can’t help but want to start here, but there may be a little cute will have concerns. I don’t know how the quality of this underwear is. After all, there is a few times, it is deformation, and I am bought, so the sprout is also experimenting with you, see how good the effect is!

Because the whole underwear is integrated with a tailor, you can 360 degrees, the hand is super soft, how do you

Kneading does not deformed

It is especially suitable for lazy people who don’t hit good storage.

The elastic force of the shoulder strap is also very large. How to stretch will not be loose and wear, and wear it for a long time, don’t worry about it, the meat girl can easily hold!

There is also a lace that doesn’t have to worry about the phenomenon of hook line. The sprout holds the small scissors to slide crazy, nor does it have a ball, the phenomenon of offline, and wear resistance.


You worried that the sprouts were also tried, you can see it after soaking in warm water, you will not fade the quality lever!

Satin has a total of


Wine red, peach powder, green, blue and fairy white

Five money


Each is very nice, there is still a very fashionable toch design, it will be more special.

And lace

Powder, smog, black, wine


Four colors will be more tasteful, it is strongly recommended that you will start!

Everyone can go to a treasure to search for this underwear, the price is not very cheap ▼

But in sprouting,

Optional two models as long as 79 oh


! In a cup of milk tea, you have to 20-30 years, buy an almost price of underwear is really costful! Time activity, don’t miss it!

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