Flower eternal flowering flower maintenance method (Flower shop must see)

【Blossom Bouquet Conservation】

1. After receiving the flowers, first disassemble the packaging, pull the tie, the cotton cotton, remove and start organizing the flowers, remove the protective petals of the flowers and the broken branches, remove the left leaves, and keep the leaves in the vase 2-3 tablets 2-3 tablets. Just accept it.

鲜花  永生花 养护方法(花店必看)

2. Put the bouquet of 45 ° and wake up the flowers for about 8 hours (the best effect). After waking up the flowers, put the flowers into the water with a preserved preserved agent, and keep the roots once every 2 days, and change the water once. The vase water level cannot be less than 1/3.

3. It should not be placed in the air outlet and the wind. The wind blows the flowers and withered, and the sunlight avoids the sun.

鲜花  永生花 养护方法(花店必看)

4. Each time you change water, you can clean the vase with a 84 disinfection solution, which can completely eliminate the bacteria attached to the vase wall, otherwise the bacteria will also cause the flowers to fade quickly.

Note: The flowers cannot spray water directly, otherwise the flowers will rot easily.

In the air conditioner, please stay away from the outlet. Blowing the air conditioner can not keep the flowers warm or cool, and it will only fade faster!

鲜花  永生花 养护方法(花店必看)

There are many small buds of different flowers, and the buds of normal flowers are generally blooming. (Except for cold storage flowers)

鲜花  永生花 养护方法(花店必看)

Press this step to operate the flowering period of each flower not only extended, but also the buds will slowly bloom.

【Flower Box Conservation】

鲜花  永生花 养护方法(花店必看)

1. After receiving the flower box, first open the lid to breathe the flowers and breathe;

2. If individual flowers are not spiritual, you can gently dialect and spray water with your fingers, and you can wake the flowers to restore the three -dimensional sense;

鲜花  永生花 养护方法(花店必看)

3. Flower mud is accompanied by the bottom of the flower, and 30-50ml of clear water is injected from the middle of the flower box to maintain fresh water. After water injection, please do not erected or tilted the water to avoid leakage.

鲜花  永生花 养护方法(花店必看)

4. Do not place it in an overheated or strong light irradiation environment, spray water every morning and evening, and place the shade and ventilation;

5. Under the correct maintenance, flowers bloom: about 3-5 days in summer, about 10 days in winter.

【Eternal Flower Conservation】

Eternal Flower British name “Preserved Fresh Flower”, as the name suggests, is also called Baihua. The earliest originated in Italy’s production of dried flowers. In Paris, France in 1991, the first eternal rose developed by Vermont was made public in the world. So the most beautiful bloom of flowers was retained permanently. The popularity of eternal flowers was quickly spread in Europe.

1. Eternal flowers are insurance through high -tech means, without watering, it is advisable to place it indoors.

2. Avoid placing eternal flowers in an environment where it is too humid or too dry.

3. Eternal flowers should avoid direct sunlight.

4. If there is dust, you can use a soft drying brush, or a hair dryer to resist the cool wind.

5. Do not water it or touch it with common hands, do not place outdoor.

6. Do not touch, pull and squeeze eternal petals or flowers.

7. Please be careful to avoid decline from a height.

8. Storage duration of eternal flowers

It is closely related to the environmental climate. Under normal temperature, eternal flowers can be saved for more than 3 years. In the high temperature and humid climate, it can only be maintained for about 1 year.