The second phase of “Dangtu” is coming, the fifth anniversary of Qingbarabara Children’s Clothing Store …

Let the people of Tu make up and let the local culture spread

Happy joy, gifts are constantly

The first episode of the first episode of the “Dangtu Youli” program is over

Meet the audience in front of the screen

Are you satisfied with the friends who received the gift?


The “Dangtu Bei Li” program in the end of the end of each Monday is

The validity period is seven days

The top three audiences with the highest praise

Each audience can get

Dang Rong Media Center (Guang Radio) presented

拉 拉 ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ 劵 劵 劵 劵!

的 Three audiences from the third to sixth place can get two bottles of Niulan Mountain Baijiu!

Come and participate!

In addition, there are surprises!


Dangdong Street Barabara 5th Anniversary Store

City celebration

3 % off 3 pieces of summer in the audience

Three days consecutive *****

The selection tag price of the audience is 39 yuan Bala products


Receive date: On the day of the store on June 1st


Love enough, extraordinary

Balabara accompany you cute Tee for a summer enjoy the cool

Balabala 2019 Fashion Cool Tee

Trendy Fashion Integration Summer “Cool” square


Treating boring summer, let you cool down in summer


Cool fabric, different experience


The same T -shirt with pants

How to make the baby handsome and comfortable?

The secret is “cool” in Balabara Summer Summer

The delicate and soft nylon yarn is combined with the cotton and linen with a multi -functional cotton and linen

Plane adopts a new type of temperature process


You can change the color with the rise of temperature, and keep up with the theme of protecting the environment

Let the hot and hot summer be cool in the exquisite life

Not only is the summer cold Tee

And summer trousers

When the cotton and hemp encounters the silk, the comfort can be touched

The pants body is loose and anti -mosquito design, it’s easy to wear and cool

Balabara makes your summer no longer the fashion that follows the rules

It is the “wonderful” of infinite creativity and feelings!

Whether it is in the hustle and bustle city

Still a lazy afternoon

My summer good recipe

Give me a different ice experience experience

I love summer, I am extraordinary

I see this summer tide!


Scan the QR code to join us


Entry will be polite


· END ·


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