Anhui farmers cook the hodgepodge on the spot, eat 10 yuan, and coke the meatballs into a “flavored agent”

As the saying goes, “After the twenty -three lunar month, every family has handled the New Year’s goods.” Now just passed the 20th month, and the rural market is lively. According to the people who are rushing, come to the market early. When you get cost -effective, you can set up some of the storage and store, so as not to get panic when you get it, and you can’t buy good things.

Everyone acted early, it turned out not to make fun, but to save money!

The market is tired, and it is almost time to eat. In the streets where the snacks are more concentrated, there is a stall that cooks hodgepodge vegetables on the spot. The customers in it are full of people. Why is the business here so good? Is people feel emotional about hodgepodge, or is the signboard of 10 yuan full?


The owner of the chopped pads surnamed Guo. According to him, he is a rural from Weiqigang Town, Luzhou City, Anhui Province. It was originally a rural long (northern Anhui person to the rural chef). When engaged in high -intensity labor, he decided to bid farewell to the rural chef industry.


When I returned home, I couldn’t sit in the mountains, and when my mind turned, my heart had an idea.

People who have been used to a good life now have begun to return to the true. They like to eat the previous hodgepodge. The tools are ready -made. Why not use their own specialties to make the hodgepodes go up in rural markets?

After cost accounting and market positioning, he set the hodgepodge vegetables at a bowl of 10 yuan. The steamed buns are eaten casually. The pot can cook more than ten bowls of hodgepodes. In half a morning, you can cook more than ten pots. In this way, the income is basically maintained at more than 1,000 yuan.

Hlake, also known as hodgepodge, what charm is there to make people so love?

Master Guo: “Hodgepodge, as the name suggests, is to stew with a variety of vegetables and meat. The ingredients chosen by each chef are not fixed, but the taste is basically similar. For example Celery, mushrooms, pork belly, beef, etc.

Of course, this is not the whole of the hodgepodge. It is also the essence of the same essence. That is the burnt ball. The inner frying is made twice.

Such a burnt ball cannot be cooked in the pot. It is generally installed on the bottom of the bowl. The burnt balls that have just been soaked by the soup can be used. At this time, the deliciousness can be exerted to the extreme. With two white steamed buns, even in the cold winter, you can eat the heat, even if the last soup is reluctant to waste it. “


Because Master Guo made a fame on the market, the hot business seemed to be accidental. In fact, it was also inevitable. Ultra -high cost -effective+rural thoughts+things are rare and expensive. Essence

There is a guy who is doing other business on the market. He often comes to Master Guo to eat hodgepodge on the booth. He eats while eating while eating. The young man is not only polite, but also a special service. He also mastered the method of making hodgepodge. It didn’t take long for him to open a family not far from Master Guo.

Although it is the same as a hodgepodge, the business is too different. In this regard, Master Guo said that he only learned to fur and hurriedly thought of making money. Such young people did not talk about “martial arts”, thinking that they could steal the teacher without worshiping the teacher. Learning craftsmanship, this is not possible. No matter what you do, if you ca n’t master the essence, how can you succeed if you only take the surface?


With decades of chef’s experience, Master Guo summarized the essence of hodgepodge vegetables. Therefore, people can eat feelings and taste taste. If you simply make the essence of hodgepodge vegetables from several kinds of side dishes, the idea will be a bit hasty.


Therefore, no matter what you do, young people still have to be down -to -earth, especially the traditional things, but also to learn by carefully. The taste is mainly because he really realizes the taste of life.