Women who are over 50 years old are recommended to wear less sports shoes! These 4 pairs of shoes are popular this fall, so beautiful

The beauty of dress lies in the details of wearing. Many times even if they wear the same, the effect is very different because of changes in details. For those elegant women who can wear, they always pay more attention to the matching of details, such as:



Often say”

Shoes are character

“In fact, it makes sense, although it is always hidden under the skirt or pants, but its faint reflection of aesthetic insights and abilities cannot be ignored.

Those women who have mastered fashion passwords always know the importance of shoes in the image. It is no exaggeration to say that shoes are life. When the season is turned, we always need a pair of “good” shoes to accompany. Let’s talk about the popular shoes this fall. The shoes in autumn are selected for these 4 pairs, exquisite, elegant and temperamental. 50+women are fashionable. Let’s take a look together:


Elegant and exquisite: Mueller shoes

Mueller shoes with a long history have appeared in the royal family since the fifteenth century. As a kind of “indoor” shoes, it is not necessary to say more comfort, and with the prevalence of retro style, it makes it a trendy stage for a fashion darling.

With the changes in the trend, Mueller shoes also occupy the streets with a variety of new attitudes, or leather, satin, or flat, or high heels. Always maintaining a consistently exposed and unchanged, whether it is paired with wide -leg pants or dresses, skirts, and skirts can always show handsome and capable side.

Black dress, low -key and gorgeous, add a pair of brown Mueller shoes, the same simple items are matched with harmonious and elegant, irregular details that echo the brown, make the dress more fashionable.


Different details, styles also change, for example, changes in details

Toe -toe and heels,

Most pointed Mueller shoes are flat, balanced in sexy, sharp and leisurely, while square -headed high -heeled Mueller shoes are balanced between bulky and atmosphere.

Gorgeous dress with a pair of basic Mueller shoes. The design of the same color and dresses, the design of the pointed point adds a trace of elegance and sexy, and the whole person is more temperamental and elegant.

Compared with the original sexy and delicate pointed flat Mueller shoes, the square -headed high heel Mueller shoes are intellectual and atmospheric, and it is also the shoes that many women can wear at the moment. The heel of 3cm makes the posture more upright and more feminine. The design of Fang Gen is neither elegant, but also easy to control.

Handsome and fashionable: Lefu Shoes

In the cold weather or entering the late autumn, a pair of classic versatile and age -regardless Lefu shoes are necessary for the wardrobe. Compared with Mueller shoes with a strong atmosphere, Lefu shoes are more neutral. From the men’s single product in the 1950s and 1960s to the current style, neutral, age -reduction, casual, and naturally it is its unique attribute.

The recognizable and individual Lefa shoes are chic and straight. Wearing loafers can always emit incomplete vitality and courage. The appearance of the nature is complexing the style of the suit pipe pants, and it is also a combination of women in the workplace.


However, because of this unique taste and personality, many women love to use handsome loafers to neutralize the romance and softness of floral flowers, and the style mix and match the delicate and gorgeous clothes.


However, the later evolution of loafers will also have details. For example, toe: round head with age reduction effect; strong pointed head; atmospheric square head. In addition to the different styles, the suitable foot type is also huge.


Compared with loafers, there is also a kind of bean bean shoes. Although the degree of fashion is not as good as loafers, it has a good performance in terms of real wear and comfort. Because the soles are soft and flat, the style is more casual and small, and the casual and elegant style can be worn.

Intellectual elegance: naked boots


One of the most representative shoe products in the summer and autumn season is naked boots. In fact, its name is actually “ankle boots” or “and ankle boots”. Many people are worried that this kind of shoe type will be thick or sloppy. In fact, it is important to pay attention to the boots. There will be dynamics of the tube mouth with too wide walking, and the aesthetics will not be strong, and those who choose the tight mouth will be more generous.


The biggest difference in style is the material. There are two most common materials in materials: leather noodles and suede. Two materials, the leather surface will be more individual, and the suede looks gentle and elegant.


Of course, the pointed and round head style attributes are also different. For example, the round head is more suitable for young people, and the pointed femininity is more feminine. In terms of color, white is the choice of most women, which is higher.

But choose a pair of brown shoes in autumn, and the matching degree is not lost. For example, with a coat of the same color system, it will highlight the taste than monotonous white.


Classic wild: little white shoes


Finally, there are classic small white shoes, and there will be such a pair of shoes in each woman’s wardrobe. Little white shoes are enduring on the fashion stage, and the utilization rate and street rate are also quite high.

Neutral whiteboard shoes and white shoes are the most classic styles of small white shoes. They do not know what shoes are the first choice when matching. Needless to say, everyone should have a pair.

In contrast, casual sneakers and elegant small leather shoes are more clear, and there will be restrictions on the matching. For example, sports shoes appear as little as possible with elegance, because you don’t know if the two styles of mixing and matching will look good on you.

The same elegant and intellectual small leather shoes also try to avoid the costume of leisure sports, making its attributes unique, but instead becoming a thunder point for the entire shape.


Well, the four pairs of shoes in autumn are shared here. If you still have other questions about fashion, wear and other aspects, please leave a message in the comment area ~


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