Security and teachers support the “mobile umbrella” and send children from all schools to school

Surging news reporter Han Xiaorong

On the evening of June 3rd, the school suddenly dropped in school. The teacher and the security master supported the oversized “umbrella”, and almost no one in more than 1,000 children was wet.

This warmth happened in Xuhui Experimental Primary School, Xuhui District, Shanghai.

Security and teachers carrying the sheets to escort students out of the campus. The movement from Wen Wei reporter Zhao Lirong shooting video


Xuhui Experimental Primary School has a distance of more than 50 meters from the teaching building to the school gate. In the past, when it rained, for safety reasons, schools allowed parents to enter the teaching building to pick up their children from school. But now the epidemic prevention and control needs, parents cannot enter the campus, they must wait at the school gate.

In order to prevent children from getting sick, Wang Jifeng, Director of the General Affairs of Xuhui Experimental Primary School, and Zhu Haifeng, a logistical teacher Zhu Haifeng, came up with a trick. They found the reserve tent from the school warehouse and cooperated with several security and cleaning masters to carry the tent. Ultra -large mobile “umbrellas” cover the wind and rain for children.


From 14:30 to 15:50, schools in each grade. In 25 classes in the school, the masters took the tent and walked back and forth on this road 25 times.

In order to leave the space to the children, their clothes were soaked quickly. The oldest master is 59 years old. Some of the head teachers and the supervisor did not bring an umbrella, but they were always raining, busy on the side, maintained order, and sent the children to their parents safely.

Principal Jiao Yiping said that this is not the school’s pre -requirements, but a temporary method of thinking about the love of the security master and the teacher. “This is a vivid lesson that allows children to feel the love of ordinary people around. grateful.”

According to Yuan Wenli, the head teacher of the class, the children were screaming at first glance that the oversized “umbrellas” were screaming, and they were moved by the security guard and teacher’s move.


Parents have taken videos and photos one after another, “security and teachers are soaked in the whole body, not easy.”


Editor Xingtan in this issue