The skin -friendly baby cotton, contract baby’s entire autumn and winter wardrobe

In the winter of 2021, it came later than previous years. Although winter is late, low temperature hazards cannot be ignored. In recent days, it has encountered strong cooling weather across the country. Compared with the warmth and comfort before, this cooling can be said to be “caught off guard”. It is reported that this cold wave has a wide range of influence and strong intensity, and it has been much earlier than usual. If the phenomenon of Rana is formed, this winter may be particularly cold.

The cooling is still continuing, did you add clothes to your child in time?


The weather changes are obvious, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. Introduce a mother here 26 here 26

℃: Put on your child, keep the environmental temperature+clothes temperature = 26 ° C.

The thicker down jacket is equivalent to 9 ° C, thin down jackets are equivalent to 6 ° C, slightly thicker elastic floss cotton jackets are 5 ° C, thick wool sweater is 4 ° C, cotton vest 4 ° C, fleece clothes, thin coats are 3 ° C. The thick cotton sweater is 2 ° C, and the thin cotton sweater is 1 ° C. If the temperature is 22 ° C, wear a short sleeve and a thin coat: 22+1+3 = 26

Is it easier to match clothes based on this formula?

Red bean children’s clothing was established in 1994. It focuses on children’s clothing in 27 years. 129 patents are more skin -friendly. Cotton originated from 39 ° north latitude. Red bean -friendly baby cotton, provides children with the most intimate winter care.

Red Bean Baby Cotton No. 1 — Color cotton underwear

After nearly 300 days of sunlight and land in 300 days in the north latitude, a golden cotton can grow smoothly. Every color cotton, flexible and affinity, all injected

Red Bean Baby Cotton No. 1 Color Cotton Clothing

Inside, the fabric is soft and skin -friendly, breathable and comfortable, rich in elasticity and luster.


Each cotton source is natural, and each color is true. It does not need to be treated with chemicals at all. It retains natural attributes to the greatest extent: soft texture, affinity skin, no irritation to the skin. The best choice of underwear!

Red Bean Baby Cotton No. 2 -Cotton underwear

Mom said that underwear is better. For Bao Ma, wearing cotton underwear for your baby will never make an error!

Cotton has the characteristics of softness, natural, delicate, warmth, and human beings have been wearing 7000 years. As the most widely used natural clothing fiber, pure cotton clothes have been worn by countless generations. It has been tested for a long time.


Red bean children’s clothing in 27 years has deeply cultivated fabrics, focused on red bean babies, and delineated the exclusive gold cotton production area. It selected the best cotton cotton that was most suitable for baby to wear, and guarded the baby’s delicate skin.

Red Bean Baby Cotton No. 6 -warm cotton underwear

When the weather is colder, warm cotton comes in handy. Mulberry silk underwear has the same amino acids as human skin, skin -friendly and soft, delicate and tough, and breathable. Rich porous structure, good wetness, natural adjustment temperature function, strong lock temperature effect, more warm, and more adapting to the cold temperature. Taking advantage of the severe winter, the Baoma stock up as soon as possible ~

From the early winter to the severe winter, the temperature changed, and the unchanged is the mother’s selfless care for the children. Pay attention to the slight changes in temperature, experience the warmth, skin-friendly baby cotton No. 1-6, choose with the warmth, protect the child for a whole winter.

Red Bean Baby cotton helps Baoma, share care, and share love.