Xiao Zhan’s picture is not bad. It is so handsome to wear “white love sweater”, like a college student

I believe the boys have discovered


The importance. If you want to be seen by people, it is especially important to wear. However, many boys are not very concerned about this, and travel is still wearing

Wear at will


This is really not possible.

With the change of the times, it gradually formed “

Look at the face of the face

“. People’s dressing not only represents their own personality and state, but also becomes a bonus. If you don’t want to be abandoned by the times, you should start changing yourself and try to create a sense of fashion.

People say, “Three -point face value,

Seven -point dress

“, Even if your face value is not high, you can show a handsome sense by dressing. In daily travel, many simple wearing can be brought to people


High -level sense

The boys can’t help but want to look at it.

Then this issue will talk about how boys wear a sense of high -level in daily travel. Boys will not match daily, don’t panic, understand these of these


, Easily create a sense of advanced.

The rules of daily travel for boys

■ Multi -choice basic model

Many boys are about fashion items

Not in place

It is difficult to wear the personality and handsomeness that fashion items should have, so it is better to choose more basic items, and the changes in color, design, and version can also create a variety of different styles.

If you can match the basic model



Then don’t have to worry about not being worn at all. Basic style wear is the existence of “all -encompassing”.

For example, want to build

Fresh and clean wind

Then you can choose a white sweater. Not only can it give people a sense of youth, but it can also bring a sense of tenderness and create “

Warm men’s temperament


■ Multi -choice loose models

If a boy wants to show a sense of handsomeness, you must first learn to abandon

Bao body or tight

For single products, people observe that boys are more outlines from the overall outline. If wearing tight items showing its own muscle, it will only feel “greasy”, not fashion.

Loose items can be used to men’s figure


That is, to enter the hand from the overall outline, it enhances the stable temperament of the boys, and it will naturally become more fashionable. Whether it is the upper body sweater, sweater, sweater, or shorts, trousers, jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans,

Loose version


It’s a better choice.

Of course, you have to learn how to learn

Master looseness

Essence Appropriate looseness may give people a sense of comfort and naturalness, and excessive looseness will be very sloppy.

■ Color ratio

Xiaobian knows that many boys prefer more

Dark color item

However, the color ratio of color ratio on it is a very important factor, which has a strong impact on the overall sense of fashion. Sometimes dressing and matching

Like painting

The relationship between depth and light and darkness should be clear, otherwise it will be very ordinary.

Even if you choose the most basic

Black and white match

It can also enhance the overall color ratio. Of course, other colors can also echo it, and the effect will be better.

For example, pure white sweater may cause


If the sweater is paired with “red love”, it forms a sense of color contrast, and it can also make the clothing more bright. At the same time

Black trousers


, Make the color contrast more obvious, which can better show fashion.

Boys’ daily sense of advancedness comes from comfort and nature, no need to choose

Fashion item


Simplicity is advanced. Summary of the must -have shape for boys every day! Fresh and natural, release handsome and charming, learn not to lose.

Boys’ daily travel is a reference for fashion wear

■ denim jacket+sweater

I believe whether it is a denim jacket or a sweater is a boys wardrobe

Essential items.

It’s just that when many boys choose, they don’t pay attention to the changes in the details of the details, and the clothing looks very ordinary. Like black and white stitching+printed sweaters, it is very designed.

Very advanced

At the same time, with the capable black denim jacket, the black and white matching is highlighted to highlight


The sense of design, creating the effect of high -level natural style, and with a black peaked cap, it looks more youthful.

■ Jiu Red Velvet jacket

Boys’ wardrobes should not only be black and white and gray.



It is also the key to creating a sense of fashion, but the effect of choosing more colors with lower colors is more male charm. For example, wine red

Velvet jacket

It is very eye -catching and advanced, with a gray sweater to release the handsomeness of the boy.

Use the basic color with red to create

High -level effect


Essence It is not difficult to match. Coupled with the red woolen cap to cooperate, it looks more sexy.

■ Brown coat+white sweater

If you want to create a sense of youth, then the version of the coat should not be too capable. The brown coat uses the curve sense style to enhance the overall


Essence At the same time, it enhanced the sense of generosity of boys through the silhouette style and released the stable maturity of boys.

Inner white turtleneck sweater and brown formation are obvious


Echo and comparison

At the same time, use a gray scarf for transition to make the color matching more daily and fresh. With black wool hat and glasses, proper “

Campus Wind Warm Male Student

“The image, handsome and charming.