I regret not buying early! Dig in 10 major national tide children’s clothing, why are you so good -looking

As soon as the “Xinjiang Cotton” incident came out, the Seventh Mrs. Seventh Mrs. who watched the news one night was so angry that she entered a pair of domestic children’s shoes.

I must admit that I used to have a prejudice against domestic brands. I still remember that in the age when I was or a child, wearing domestic goods was a representative of the soil, that is, a cottage. To seek


I didn’t dare to buy domestic clothes and sneakers until I grew up.


This prejudice continued when I was edited by fashion editing in the magazine. At that time, I was often invited to attend the clothing brand, and I had a lot of opportunities to get a close close to domestic brands. As soon as I stepped into the large factory of others and communicated with the designer, I found out that so many years have passed, and now the soil is not a family, but I have been closed with my eyes and covered my ears …

In all fairness, it is not bad at all, our domestic big name is really not bad, so

Good fabric

Have good fabrics, want

high tech


There are high -tech, want

original design

There are original designs, not only the quality control is getting better and better, but also higher cost -effective than foreign brands. The domestic goods have not been a rural guy who has been unable to see people at that time.


Now, it’s time to let the new generation of children understand domestic brands again!

Wear domestic goods, chase the national tide


This is our own identity.


Anta children

Place of Birth: Fujian

As a sportsman, Master Qi was specially spent since he was a child. His pants were grinded, the collar was deformed, sweating and smelly … with his sister, it was even more obvious. The fabric is good or not, sometimes the girl really can’t wear it, but let the little boy wear it to know.

I first bought Anta’s children’s clothing only as a replacement and used it to “rough”, but after passing through, it was “really fragrant”. Their sportswear


Refreshing and breathable, dried sweats

In terms of functionality, it is more stable than some American big names.

And I found that their design is also very beautiful, with a lot of eye -catching highlights, and there are surprises from time to time. especially

Glasses Man Series

Now it should be regarded as the Internet celebrities among boys. Whoever has a transformed jacket that has been pulled to his head is Out!

Mini peace

Place of birth: Ningbo

This is the children’s clothing brand under Taipingbird. As a loyal fan of the cherry ball, Mrs. Qi was fell as soon as she opened their official website. The old girl’s heart! I have to say that the co -branded series of the Taiping Bird has done so well. From adult models to children’s clothing, there are many very sincere works.

Their co -branded model is not only to play a cartoon, but to integrate the IP’s mind into the design of the clothes. At first glance, it is more intentional than the joint T -shirt of a Japanese brand. In addition to small balls, there are IPs such as Snoopy, Alice, Pokémon, and toy. Baby who like cartoons can go shopping often.

Inman children’s clothing

Place of birth: Guangzhou

The children’s clothing brand under Inman, like the mother brand,

Literary and fresh


The temperament is stubborn.

All clothes use natural comfortable cotton and hemp as fabrics,

Mother and daughter clothing is great

, But there is no boy model, which caused me to love and hate their family in those years when I had only one son. Now, the young literary girls have finally had a daughter. When the seven little girls grow taller, I can take her to put on her mother and women, put on flowers, tea tasting, painting, and cultivating a little literary tone.

CabBeen love

Carbin is a very good men’s clothing brand. If your baby is a cool cover than his dad, then don’t miss its children’s clothing line Cabbeen Love.

The boy and girl who covers 3-12 years old in Kabin children’s clothing continues the cool

Hong Kong -style street trend style

Essence The wide shoulder -shoulder T -shirt, wide -leg pants, baseball uniforms … comfortable and stylish, wearing it is the most beautiful baby on the street.

Moomoo / Mitidi

Place of Birth: Wenzhou


These are the two major children’s clothing brands under Metus Bonway. MOOMOO follows the cheap line of national fast and fashion. When it comes to 30 yuan, you can take away a cute cotton T -shirt. In their basic models, the basic models do not need to be soft. The number of yards is available from 80cm-160cm. It is cheap and durable.

Mitidi is walking

Fashion Chao Tong route

, Design is partialized, all kinds of fabrics and versions seen in adult fashion will appear, suitable for like

“Little Master”

The handsome guys dressed up.




Rural Natural Style

Mother, a women’s clothing brand will not be unfamiliar with Broadcast. The style of its children’s clothing brand Broadcute is also in the same vein. Natural color system, natural fiber fabric, exploring the creative design of the natural world … It is a very clear children’s clothing, which can be seen from the pile at a glance.

The main 3-8-year-old baby, the number is mainly 110-140cm. Among them, Mrs. Qi felt that the style of their girls was particularly outstanding, especially in the new season

“Flower Flowers Capture and Visit” Series

It is too suitable for going to the spring travel travel!



Place of birth: Hangzhou

Zhimu is a pure online children’s clothing e -commerce brand. Last year, Tmall’s “Maternal and Baby Annual New Development Brand” list was on the list. As an Internet brand, its advantage is

There are many styles, new and fast, the price is close to the people

You can find your favorite new models at any time.

As a second -born mother, the most moved by planting wood is that their family has a special

“Brothers and Sisters” section

Intersection Of course, the siblings are also fine. The number of code is 100-160cm. All of them are well matched. They do n’t have to hurt their brains at all.

jnby by jnby

This is the children’s clothing designer brand under Jiangnan Buyi. As a designer brand, it goes


Art route

, The design sense is very strong, and there is no lack of exaggerated design, especially a fan. The overall price of the brand is high, suitable for like

Baby that shows personality and taste


They also have the JNBY for Mini baby series. Compared with the big children’s models, they have abandoned some complicated elements in design, but the color and tailoring are still the same bold. The earth color, retro green, Morandi … Mrs. Qi herself likes this high -level tone, but the seven sisters of He now only love to wear pink!

Honeysky / duoth

Place of Birth: Shanghai

This is a pair of sisters brand. HoneySky Hani Sky is a baby line, and Duoth Dowe is the children’s line.

Both brands

Original print

It’s very slippery. In contrast, HoneySky’s printing is more biased

Natural small fresh

It is also pursuing scientific tailoring and paying attention to the comfort and convenience of the baby wearing.

Duoth is more

Pay attention to artistic sense


The concept of playing grandmother’s wardrobe this season is very interesting, both retro and playful.

Allblu Youlan

This is an original designer brand focusing on natural materials, and is recommended to babies who have particularly high requirements for comfort.

Their family is promoting the “National Cotton Project”. In addition, they also have their own soft laboratories and develop some “strange strange” natural materials, such as eucalyptus fibers and corn fibers.

Mrs. Qi thinks their most worth starting

Eucalyptus home service

Essence Because the seven little girls wore a fast -fashion brand baby home service, she slept until dawn, and the whole back clothes were wet and too bad.

And the eucalyptus fiber material of Youlan

Comes with coolness, fast dry bacteria

, Sleeping and sweating will not be sticky, feel the feelings

Very soft

Even the buttons are soft. For sleeping households like Qi Xiaoyi, they are comfortable to wear comfortably.

How about it? Is it good -looking? After watching Mrs. Seven recommended to the baby

10 national tide children’s clothing brands

I believe that children with different personality and preferences can find good clothes that suits them.


Every mother wants


Give your child a little bit

Feelings and face value are important, but in the final analysis, the most important thing is safety and comfort. Supporting Xinjiang cotton is actually supporting better fabrics and better dressing experiences. Some brands that resist Xinjiang cotton really deform or even break the holes a few times. What cotton is used? Is it a fool when consumers?

Moms’ picky requirements, now, can be done by domestic clothing children’s clothing, and even better than some foreign brands that only come to China Chari. Isn’t this worthy of support?

What are the excellent domestic children’s clothing brands in your wardrobe? Smart like you, you must also wear a lot of treasure brands? Don’t hide, come together




Place of birth: Guangzhou

Place of birth: Guangzhou

Place of birth: Hangzhou

Place of Birth: Shanghai