Shanghai Lujiazui 170 square meters, the balcony can see the Huangpu River

Miss Luo’s family just moved into a new home this month. The new home is near the mouth of Lujia. It is located in the high -level level, has a wide range of vision, can enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can also see Huangpu River.

Although it has just moved in, the house has been arranged in an orderly manner, and the daily necessities are all available. Moreover, whether it is hard or soft, it has undergone consideration.


01 living room

Hard installation+soft outfit, interpretation of mix and match “industrial style”

In home decoration, few people can accept pure industrial style decoration, often mix and match other styles.

The living room of this house has a very sense of industrial style. It can be seen that the homeowner has a high aesthetic requirement for this.


In the soft furnishings, it was folded in tough and warmth, mixing and matching industrial style and Nordic style. The use of old art reflects personality and uniqueness, and integrates practicality and face value, which increases the warmth of the home.

White wall, wooden floor, set the hard installation tone

The texture of the wooden floor is naturally rough

The TV wall has a very light texture

Seemingly careless, it’s actually worthy of fun

Light gray blue paint on the sofa wall

The soft light of the light band is spilled down

Make people relax and relax


Each furniture is worthy of fun, and naturally integrates


Rice white leather sofa, delicate feel

The small side of the sofa, you can use it to use it at any time


Black walnut TV cabinet, delicate texture, strong storage power

Flowers placed at the table at will


Make the space atmosphere alive

Swing and decorations everywhere

Display the interest of the family’s life

The best soft furnish

But the family is all my favorite things


Make the pleasant emotions full of daily


Multiple lights are installed in the living room, creating a variety of atmosphere

The main lamp is a twelve -light head chandelier, with sufficient light

Shooting lights point to the display rack, highlighting the exquisite decorations

Hanging paintings, carpets, pillows and other soft decorations

Each personality, also reflect each other

02 bedroom

Tailor -made, some target


The reason why the home is home, not a model room, is reflected in the words “tailor -made”. The three bedrooms have different styles and display for different residents.

The master bedroom is the room of the owner couple

The colorful leather bed is in line with the aesthetics of young people

Cloakroom storage ability is strong

So the bedside is only paired with a two -layer edge to avoid too thick

More fashionable

Hanging painting and chandeliers are rare decorations


The parent’s room is a traditional Chinese -style wooden bed

With a collection rack and desk, simple and practical

The decoration of the children’s room is more childlike


The light blue wall looks like the sky

With a white high bed


The little tent is the “exclusive territory” of the little master

03 Restaurant+Kitchen

Mainly practical, do not waste any corners


Three meals a day are an important part of family life. The design of the restaurant and the kitchen focuses on practical, and every corner is used to the extreme.


The restaurant is facing the household, the area is not large

But it’s enough to place the whole set of dining tables and chairs

Meat the whole family’s dining


Customized meal cabinet, with self -washing pool, setting table

Practical and rich

The wall next to the restaurant is deliberately made into a blackboard wall

The child’s interest class and the agenda are clear at a glance


Good habit of helping children develop self -discipline

04 functional area


Use the corner to achieve more functions


A family of three generations has different habits and preferences. Grandpa is usually used to drinking tea and smoking, and children need to play space.

So use all corners to create a play area and leisure viewing area, and adults and children can take care of it.

Simple bar, it will not look heavy

Use the display rack to do a partition to keep the space transparency


Partition+bar table, surrounded a relatively independent space

Put on the cushion, create a play area for the children

With a lazy sofa, it is also Ge ​​You’s paralyzed leisure area


The balcony has a wide range of vision, and of course it cannot be wasted

A casual chair, with a few mobile edges, formed a casual viewing area


Sitting here to drink tea to see the scenery, it’s very wonderful

Air circulation, smoking here does not affect the family


05 storage

The storage cabinet rack can be seen everywhere to meet the demand for large family storage


There are a lot of life items in the same hall, so storage is a major focus of decoration.

The household is a hidden shoe cabinet

The living room has a storage cabinet with a whole wall

And partition display rack

The side of the aisle is also the top of the sky


The white door easily hides into the wall

A pair of decorative paintings hanging on the white wall

Make the aisle no longer tedious

The restaurant is a customized cabinet, which not only has a large storage space

At the same time, it is also incorporated into it, which is very convenient


Designer of this case: know the nest designer Ann

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