Modern minimalist wind snail house, rattan coffee table retro is elegant, fascinated by SKR ~

Modern home houses are generally small -scale houses. Although small apartment houses are limited and decoration is difficult, in fact, as long as some skills are mastered, small units can also become very beautiful. Today, the case that I want to share with you is a small house renderings with only 89 square meters. In terms of pattern design, it is very concise and clear, showing atmospheric fashion, and it feels very warm and comfortable! Let’s follow Xiaobian to enjoy this small apartment decoration renderings. It may be inspired by your new house decoration.

The simple and simple living room decoration gives people a simple and comfortable sense. The design of the floor -to -ceiling window makes the living room more open and bright.


Overall is an open space pattern, mainly based on light tones, gray -blue sofas, light gray background walls … The light -colored home space makes people feel warm and comfortable.

The original wooden dining table and chair, with DIY blackboard wall, show freshness and nature ~ There is a feeling of returning to childhood! It can be imagined that the family’s warm dining and children’s funny pictures, how childhood is so beautiful ~


Master bedroom: Light gray background wall with pink bedding, there is a playfulness in the simple ~ bed and tatami with cloth curtains to protect the owner’s privacy and add a touch of mystery! Create a mysterious and comfortable comfort! The bedroom environment.

The second bedroom sheet is blue, which looks very active, which is very suitable for children to live. The design of the white wall cabinet enhances storage and meets the storage needs. Next to the bed is a simple desk with design, providing children with a good growth environment.

The space of the bathroom is a bit small, but the normal life needs are met ~ the use of the shower curtain, avoiding the embarrassment of humidity, the black small square brick is fashionable and atmospheric !!


Article summary: The above is Xiaobian to this

The renovation renderings of modern minimal wind small snail house

Share, do you feel very fashionable and warm after you appreciate it? If you like such decoration styles like Xiaobian, you may wish to try such a style design. I have lived what I want ~


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