“Dry goods” hotel banquet table classification and matching skills

Types of hotel dining tables

1. There are two main types according to their uses, practicality and decorativeness

1. Practical desktop pays more attention to function. Generally, plastic is used as materials, and the color is relatively single. Now the quality of the dining table is getting better and better. Many families generally do not use table cloths. When entertaining guests, they simply use disposable desktop, and they are lost after use. Most are PVC.

2. Decorative table cloths are used more in hotels and hotels, with diverse colors and patterns, not as dull as practical desktop. Decorative tables are usually washed and disinfected after use.

Second, according to the different materials and colors, it can be divided into brocade tablet, printed color weaving tablet, non -spinning tablet, and craft cloth cloth.

1. Printing and color weaving tablet:

It is a commonly decorated fabric, with pure cotton yarn fabrics, linen fabrics, fiber fiber -mixed textiles, and cotton -linen mixed textiles. There are many specifications from 130cm to 280cm. The colored knitting grids, burdens, printed flowers, and embroidery are four types.

2. Non -woven table cloth:

Flowers booked by polyester silk to form a strong graphic structure. The feel is soft and drooping, the size is stable, and the performance of anti -wrinkle and preservation recovery.

3. Weaving brocades:

The brocades are high -end decorative fabrics. Taking the silk and artificial silk as the raw material, the pattern is the delicate pattern on the brocade. The texture is thick and shiny, and the appearance is elegant and gorgeous. There are long, square, circular, large rectangular blanket 140cmx200cm, medium -sized square table blanket 140cmx140cm, small 96cmx96cm.

4. Craft table cloth:

Craft table cloth is mainly hand -woven, the craftsmanship is fine, and the craftsmanship is relatively rare. my country mainly has a gauze tablet and a silk tablet. They are mainly reflected in the rich sense of layering and monochrome yarn embroidery. The pattern is not rich.

5, glass material tablecloth:

Glass -made solid wood dining table cloth also has the characteristics of cold resistance, heat resistance and convenient cleaning. Although the solid wood dining table cloth is cheaper, the glass -based solid wood dining table cloth also has a bad place, that is, the cold resistance and thermal conductivity are not good, and it is easy to break people.

6, satin tablecloth:

Home dining table cloth satin is also a good choice, but the satin is a little bit more in hotels, dinner, and weddings, but there are many home use. The satin home dining table cloth looks more gorgeous and noble. Essence

7, cotton and linen tablecloth:


There is also a home dining table cloth made of cotton and linen. This is also a good fabric. The texture is quite good. It is very resistant and durable. This kind of fabric is environmentally friendly and healthy, and pursues all kinds of natural things. The water absorption is better, gorgeous, fashionable and generous.

8. Fabric desktop:

The fabric dining table is the most common and most practical one in our lives. The fabric of the textile cloth art cloth is also very healthy, with good hygroscopicity and skin -friendly toner. After pre -reduction, feel comfortable. The fabric is tight.

Hotel banquet table matching skills


Select the corresponding tablecloth according to the shape of the table

The rectangular dining table can be paved with rectangular tablecloths, and two square -shaped tablecloths are used on the upper layer, and they are staggered on the desktop; or they are paved with two square tablets. The above effect.

The square dining table can be paved with a square tablecloth, and a small square tablet or the direction of the tablecloth is paved with the upper floor. The right corners are paved against the middle line of the table, so that the tablet is a triangular pattern. It is not suitable to use a single color, so it looks natural, warm, and immortal.

The large desktop of the round table can be covered with large tablecloths on the bottom layer, and a small piece of tablecloth on the upper layer can be paved to increase gorgeousness. The color of the tablecloth is dark, which is relatively stable and not easy to sogen.

The main role of the hotel table table cloth is to protect the desktop from pollution or wear, and its processability. We know that especially some business hotels, which pay more attention to the taste of the hotel, so we must decorate with the overall hotel when buying. Matching style.