Still spread!Thousands of woven bags were sent to the Economic Development Zone, and the local charitable department said that more flood control materials still needed

Earlier, the 10,000 flood control woven bags brought by Anhui enthusiastic guy Deng Lei had found the receiving department.Reading reporters contacted the Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone Charity Federation of the Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone who received the supplies. The person in charge Zhao Fang said, “At present, the flood prevention woven bag is still on the road. After the supplies arrive, we will contact the Economic Development Zone in the Economic Development Zone.At that time, it may be placed in an artificial lake here. “Zhao Fang said that starting from 10 o’clock on July 21, the rainfall decreases, and the stagnant water on the road is not so serious.However, the water level of the artificial lake around the surrounding area is still relatively high, and sand bag defense needs to be increased.Zhao Fang also said that enthusiastic people who donated flood control materials can contact her directly, and the phone is 13071010567.The charities in Zhengzhou areas are in a WeChat group. If there are more supplies and an area cannot be used, it will be assigned to other needed areas, because several districts are applying for similar materials.


Source: Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News