vivo X5 disassembly

Start disassembling vivox5.These machines are all from the editor. I personally disassembled the machine.Friends with poor hands -on ability should not imitate.

vivo x5拆机今天小忙,更新的内容不多。

This machine is much better than Apple.

vivo x5拆机

First dismantle the lid on the back panel and gently lift the nails.

Remove the cover.

Remove the screws of the standard.

vivo x5拆机

Remove the screws and remove the cover in the rectangular box.Then push up the back shell, the rear shell can be taken down.

vivo x5拆机

The motherboard and the battery are fixed by eight screws, and the battery and the motherboard can be won when the buckle is opened to open the buckle.There is no glue under the battery. If the battery is broken, it is very easy to replace.

vivo x5拆机主板、电池由八颗螺丝固定,拧下来打开卡扣就可以拿下电池与主板。电池下面没有胶,如果电池坏了非常好更换。

The middle frame is integrated, and the tail is inserted.The overall design is relatively simple

Come a recent motherboard photo

vivo x5拆机

Ring Ring back camera, front camera.

vivo x5拆机

Close -up photo

vivo x5拆机

The back cover.

vivo x5拆机后盖。

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