179 yuan! Xiaomi crowdfunding lightly distributed ultra -thin quartz table: 5.5 mm like nothing

Today, Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunded the 282th product -TwentySeventeen to send ultra -thin quartz watches at a price of 179 yuan. new

Mainly hit 5.5 mm slim thickness, concise mushroom design, original imported movement, sapphire glass lenses, light and skin skin, as if nothing.

According to reports, the super -thin quartz watch uses the same men and women,

With 5.5 mm shallow body


By optimizing the design of the product metal structure, the ultra -thin quartz movement is selected in deep integration, and the wrist is close to the wrist when wearing.


The use of the table uses a large -name homologous 316L stainless steel as the main body material,

After 16 handmade polishing, two minimalist dials (40 mm diameter), no logo design.

Lightly distributed ultra -thin quartz watches adopted the original Japanese West Rail City movement, with sapphire glass material lenses, wear -resistant mushrooms and scratch -resistant, Mo’s hardness is second only to diamonds. Blu -ray coating process to prevent dazzling and fingerprints.


Lightly distributed ultra -thin quartz watches also use high -quality Milanis stainless steel woven mesh belt, elegant and delicate; modern steel belt woven technology is not only a watch but also a trendy jewelry.

In terms of function,

The quartz watch supports 30 meters of life waterproof

, Can meet the daily waterproof needs, you can handle the scenes of hand washing, face washing, and rain with peace of mind.

In terms of color matching, crystal diamonds are available in black, dazzling silver, and streamer gold.