Open an offline yoga hall, running training camp, why does Puma change in style in China?

Puma Yoga Pavilion; Picture Source: PUMA

Sports brand to open yoga venues in person? This is rare in the past.

On March 7, PUMA China opened the Puma Yoga Pavilion in the Xintian area of ​​Shanghai’s landmark. This 130 -square -meter museum is located on the 1st floor of Xintiandi Lake Bin Road Shopping Center. It can put up to more than 10 yoga mats at the same time.

Except for not selling courses and dark purple indoor lights, Puma’s first yoga museum is not much different from other yoga museums. However, this yoga museum will provide a yoga course based on “hip -hop yoga” and based on flowing yoga (a yoga type). This kind of efficient fat burning yoga training that combines hip -hop music.

Here, hip -hop music has replaced common recitation and light music


However, this seems to be more like a pop -up shop that lasted for three months. According to the plan, the Puma Yoga Museum will provide consumers with a total of about 80-90 sections in March and last until the end of May. Puma said that he would continue to invest in the yoga gallery.

In general, PUMA will present the contents of three sections in this yoga museum: the theme yoga course of daily operations, Yoga Saturday, provides yoga workshops for core users) and Yoga Campus (Yoga Campus, provide System yoga basic teaching).

Users can make curriculum appointments through the official public account; picture source: PUMA Member Center screenshot

Zhang Ying, the person in charge of the market in PUMA China Running, Training and Yoga, told Lazy Bear Sports that the positioning of the Puma Yoga Museum is

A brand yoga community

The goal is to create a more inclusive yoga community by opening a course of hip -hop yoga.

From the public information, the yoga course setting of the Puma Yoga Pavilion is relatively friendly to beginners. There is no common mirror in the yoga gallery in the museum, and yoga coaches also pay attention to the detail details. Puma signing yoga coach Jie Yu is one of the yoga coaches responsible for daily yoga courses. She told Lazy Bear Sports that she would combine the Liu Yoga style with the song lists she arranged. In the course, she pays attention to the detail details -for example, when the user practiced the common type of warrior of yoga, she mainly targeted the top three in the user -shaped exercise. Adjust the problem.

In addition to the content of the above three sections, PUMA will also use the remaining free time to hold coach training, round tables and live broadcast activities in the museum. From the perspective of space, the corner of the venue also placed a new season of PUMA Studio Yoga series product experience area.

Zhang Ying said that there are two reasons behind the Yoga Pavilion.

Shanghai is the city with the most yoga halls and yoga enthusiasts in the country, especially the most active yoga community in Huangpu District; the golden position in the city center owned by Xintiandi can radiate the white -collar group of the surrounding office buildings

The gym that provides yoga courses in the Xintian area is indeed quite dense. There are also about 20 large and small yoga museums in the nearby nearby. The adjacent Xintiandi Infinite Poems also have Fineyoga Sanskrit Yoga. Lululemon, one of the first batch of Lululemon, is also in Xintiandi.


The Puma Yoga Pavilion chose to settle in the Hubin Road Shopping Center, which is also related to the latter’s strengthening of its own sports format. At present, there is already a Y+Yoga club in the Hubin Road Shopping Center. Next, the B2 floor will also open a room ski club Snow51.

Jolin Tsai endorsed PUMA; Picture Source: PUMA@

Yoga is one of the attempts to increase investment in professional campaigns in recent years.

At present, PUMA’s professional sports products include training, football, running, basketball, yoga, racing, etc. Judging from the past moves,

PUMA hopes to recover these categories that already exist in internal existence

: In June 2018, PUMA returned to the basketball market, and at the same time announced that hip-hop singer Jay-Z became a creative consultant to become PUMA’s new basketball business; then, PUMA, which has cooperated with Ferrari and Porsche teams to reach the official relationship with the F1 official, signed a contract with active duty. The strongest driver Hamilton; last year, it snatched the star football player Neymar from Nike; in 2021, PUMA officially reshaped the running shoes business.

Yoga is a complete new product line. At the end of 2019, Puma entered the yoga market and launched a separate yoga product line PUMA Studio. Half a year later, PUMA brought it into China. By January this year, PUMA updated the yoga product line, launched a new product with Bao Blue as its main color, and upgraded its functionality in many aspects such as fabrics, tailoring and design. At present, the unit price of yoga pants in the PUMA Studio Yoga series is about 400 yuan, the price is slightly lower than the price range of 500-630 yuan in the Nike Yoga series, and it is also lower than Adidas’s 500 yuan training tight pants and other products.

In the marketing of the Yoga product line, Puma China has adjusted the global strategy of the headquarters. In the global market, PUMA’s cooperation between Puma, which pays attention to entertainment stars in the yoga product line, includes supermodel Cara Delevingne, Spanish actress Cristina Pedroche. In China, PUMA continued these approaches, inviting spokespersons Jolin Tsai to shoot yoga advertisements to cooperate with the variety show “The E hearty Offer” in the second season.

But in addition, PUMA Yoga Product Line

In the Chinese market, emphasize brand experience


The yoga course became the core. In the second half of 2020, PUMA cooperated with the chain fitness brand Formula experience course, and at the same time launched a yoga course on the fitness platform Keep. At the end of the same year, PUMA held a hip -hop yoga party in the Yintang, Modern Sky LAB, and lifestyle integrated store.

These marketing activities look effective. Zhang Ying told Lazy Bear Sports that the sales data of the PUMA yoga product line in China is higher than expected.

This is likely to promote PUMA to continue to increase brand experience. Zhang Ying said that choosing to rent a shop to build a yoga museum is precisely to provide a new experience in the style, space design and curriculum arrangement of yoga enthusiasts in yoga enthusiasts.

Similar brand experience projects, Nike has also tried on the yoga product line. It’s just that the difference is that Nike is good at telling the brand story of professional sports. In 2019, Nike launched the yoga product line separately, belonging to the training product category. Subsequently, Nike launched a yoga course on the Nike Training Club APP, and also organized activities such as offline yoga festivals. In March of this year, Nike also updated the new season’s yoga product line.

It should be noted that in the past week, in addition to the opening of the yoga gallery, PUMA’s running business in the Chinese market has also launched online training camps, as a key publicity.

Puma China does not have a contract with famous professional athletes in the US running shoes. Instead, it is preferential to provide users with online and offline running training services to promote the promotion method. These training services currently include two parts: PUMA’s “Running Assistant” project and online private education programs. According to the plan, PUMA will hold a three-phase personal education plan for the third-time running. The course starts from the awakening of April and enters advanced running in the middle of the year. Finally, the marathon training at the end of the year. team. It is worth noting,

Behind “Running Assistant” is also these coaches, not common third -party customer service staff in the past.


It seems that PUMA hopes to rely on professional coaches and training services to cultivate a number of early core users in the case of low popularity in running shoes.

Behind these same strategies is the impact of PUMA’s increase in investment in professional sports products. Consumers of professional sports products have expectations of functionality, such as the buffer and stability of running shoes, such as the wrapping and ductility of yoga clothing, not just the star halo of the spokesperson of Jolin Tsai and Li Xian.


Compared with trendy clothing, consumers have a long shopping cycle on professional sports products.

In this case, entering the vertical community may help continue to affect consumers’ awareness of PUMA sports products. Zhang Ying also confirmed with the lazy bear sports that creating a community is a relatively important investment this year.

However, the consistency of brand experience is quite difficult, especially for most of the sports brands that depend on dealer networks for product sales. It is difficult for dealers to maintain consistency with brand companies in maintaining brand tone. This is why we see that it is easier for the brands to adopt the full -operating model of the store in the market to do this.

Specific to Puma, a German sports brand, influencing factors include the time length of the company’s adherence to market strategies, how large the resources are invested, and the stability of the organizational structure. After all, for this PUMA that focuses on casual clothing and shoes, the revenue of professional sports product lines has not contributed much in recent years.

However, from the perspective of market trends, PUMA must seize the enthusiasm of global consumers after the epidemic, of course, the focus is on the Chinese market.

At the end of February this year, PUMA announced the fourth fiscal quarter and annual financial report of fiscal year in fiscal year. In the fourth quarter, PUMA’s revenue increased by 9.1%year -on -year to 1.52 billion euros, which was mainly promoted by the Asia -Pacific revenue increased by 11.8%year -on -year.

The main growth of the latter comes from Greater China

Essence In fiscal in 2020, PUMA’s revenue decreased by 1.4%year -on -year to 5.234 billion euros, and net profit fell nearly 70%to 78.9 million euros, only 1.5%of the EMEA region in Europe and Africa (EMEA). In addition, consumer channels including e -commerce channels and official websites increased by 6.4%year -on -year to 1.425 billion euros, accounting for the total revenue ratio from 25.4%of the previous year to 27.2%.

“We clearly saw the global running boom.” At the same time that the financial report was announced at the end of February, PUMA CEO Bjørn Gulden said in an interview that he also said that yoga and other outdoor sports were also very affected welcome. According to Gulden, PUMA’s 2021 orders increased by nearly 30%compared to the previous year, and the increase in orders for running products was particularly obvious.

Gulden said,

Puma will pay more attention to the women’s market next

, Developed shoes that are more suitable for women, and continue to use the cooperative relationship between entertainment celebrities. At the same time, he also admits that PUMA has been slow in the development of its own app, but it is expected to launch its own APP at the end of this year to increase the channels of consumers.

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Puma Yoga Pavilion; Picture Source: PUMA