Paletta disposable lunch box production machine equipment fast food pack box full automatic production line mechanical injection molding machine

Paletta disposable lunch box machine introduction

The injection molding machine is referred to as an injection molding machine. The mechanical part is mainly composed of injection molding parts and molding components. Injecting components are mainly composed of tube and screw and injection cylinders. The injection molding is used to use plastic thermal physical properties. Add the material from the tomber to the tube, and heated from the heating ring outside the tube. The material melts. There is a screw that drives the rotation of the driver under the action of an external power motor. Under the action of the screw, the material is transported forward and compacted along the pioneer.

The material is gradually plasticized, melted, and equalized under the dual action of heating and screw cutting. When the screw is rotated, the material pushes the melting material to the screw head under the action of the friction and shear force of the pioneer groove. Material storage space to complete the plasticization process. Then, under the influence of the thrust of the piston in the injection of the oil tank, the melt of the gas reservoir was injected into the mold cavity through the nozzle. After the container in the cavity is stressed, cooled, and solidified, the mold is turned on with the mold of the mold mechanism, and the mold is turned on, and the fixed operating parts fall out of the mold through the top device.

The plastic is added from the solid material to the tube, and the plastic melting stage is passed until the process of injection, pressure preservation, cooling, opening mold, and the fall of the product.

保莱塔一次性餐盒生产机器设备 快餐打包盒全自动生产线机械注塑机

The injection molding machine is composed of an injection component, molding component, body, hydraulic system, heating system, cooling system, electrical control system, and feeding device. The characteristics of the synthetic component are hydraulic mechanical type, and the double -elbow inner five -branch hinge is diagonally row. The characteristics of the injection parts are dual -cylinder injection, and the large torque low -speed oil motor directly drives the screw type.

保莱塔一次性餐盒生产机器设备 快餐打包盒全自动生产线机械注塑机

Disposal box application scope:

The previous one -time lunch box was mainly raw materials such as foam. As people’s lifestyle continued to change, the development of the Internet industry, the popularity of the takeaway industry, and the traditional packaging method can not keep up with the trend of the times. The disposable lunch box cannot be sealed and thermal insulation, which is convenient for carrying. In this case, a disposable disposable lunch box appears. It uses a food -grade PP raw material polypropylene one -time injection molding, mainly rectangular and circular, good sealing, loading food, and not penetrating soup. Good partner for takeaway packaging. At present, it is mainly used in: restaurant packaging, takeaway delivery, fruit container on the train, and cooked food in the vegetable market, and the leftovers leftovers are packed in the refrigerator. The disposable lunch box has a novel style, a variety of colors, light texture, anti -hitting force, and good resistance.

保莱塔一次性餐盒生产机器设备 快餐打包盒全自动生产线机械注塑机

One -time lunch box production process:

保莱塔一次性餐盒生产机器设备 快餐打包盒全自动生产线机械注塑机

The disposable lunch box adopts a Paletta injection molding machine to fully automatically automate the production process, and the one -time injection molding is formed. No secondary processing or production is required. Polyta high -speed injection molding machine uses full mechanization. The robot is automatically captured by the product. Artificially only needs to stack the robotic products for packing and sealing. The operation is simple to achieve intelligent operation. Within a few seconds of high -speed machine production products, the robotic operation is safe and no need to contact with machines. Due to the use of all mechanization, it saves labor and provincial manufacturer costs.

One -time lunch box mold:

Polyta’s disposable lunch box mold materials include: 2344, S50, P20, 718, H13, S136 and other steel, which are reasonably designed and configured with heat streaming and cold flow channels. The molds are not casual and the robot is fully automatic. Design with CAD/CAE/CAM computer system software. CNC processing machine tools, CNC machine tools, line cutting processing, etc. are made of processing and manufacturing. The mold production cycle is about 60 days.

保莱塔一次性餐盒生产机器设备 快餐打包盒全自动生产线机械注塑机

Disposal boxes customize various mold models, pattern patterns and thickness. The mold production cycle is about 60 days. The main one -time lunch box molds are: one out of one. One out of four, one out of six, one out of eight.

保莱塔一次性餐盒生产机器设备 快餐打包盒全自动生产线机械注塑机

Production workshop and execution standards:

The standard for the production of disposable lunch boxes is GB/T18006.3-2020. Disposal lunch boxes for the technical requirements of the meal and beverage utensils. This part specifies the definition and terms, classification, technical requirements, test methods, test rules, and product packaging, packaging, transportation, and storage requirements of one -sex lunch lunch and beverages. This standard part is suitable for degradable-degradable catering utensils made of resin, starch, plant fiber and other raw materials, and also applicable to the food layer covering or coating or composite biodegradable plastic film or other tablets. Degraded disposable catering utensils. This part is not suitable for paper cups such as paper cups, paper bowls.

Paleta’s one -time lunch box has a high -speed captain of about 7 meters and about 2 meters high. Each device covers an area of ​​about 10 square meters. The machine plus the height of the robot and the height of about 4 meters. The machine weighs about 8-16 tons. Using 380 volt industrial electricity. The production auxiliary machines are: cooling tower, air compressor, feed machine, crusher, row hanging, robotic hand, dryer, etc.