What brand of electric blanket is the safest? Rainbow or Caiyang? Don’t buy 8 stickers

If you want to be colder in the winter of the north and south, you can’t get hot when you sleep at night and find that the quilt can’t be hot. Electric blankets are winter artifacts in the south. In recent years, there seems to be rare vicious incidents of electric blankets.


It is important to choose a safe and secure electric blanket, so

What brand of electric blankets is the safest?


Judging from Sister Sister’s more than 30 years of life experience, the four major brands from Rainbow, Qin Island, Yumin and Caiyang, are casual! Avoid the OEM brand.

Let’s take a look at the specific differences and functions between brands! Comes with ultra -detailed electric blankets to use the posture correctly!

1. Well -known old brand Rainbow 一

The number one brand in the field of electric blankets is more diverse in the function of electric blankets. It has automatic mite removal function, as well as safe temperature adjustment, digital temperature control, non -pole regulation, dual -control dual temperature and negative ion type. Among them Local heating, separate feet, shoulders, and waist alone.

Many products have an overheated protection device. Too hot will automatically power off. In terms of temperature control, there are three gears heating, sleep, and stalls. You do n’t need to worry about when you do n’t need to read it to turn off the power.

The price is more friendly, but the warranty is only one year. If you find the problem, you should deal with it as soon as possible.


Second, the “Qin Island” electric blanket from Qingdao ‍

The coldest Shandong Qingdao brand electric blanket from the north of my country has focused on making electric blankets from the beginning of its establishment. There is something to say.

The price of electric blankets sold in Koto Island is less than 160 ~ 300. Basically, there is a regulatory function of 9 gears. It is suitable for different scenarios and crowds. It is relatively wide.


The second is Caiyang. The French velvet electric blanket of Caiyang’s family is very thick. The warranty is 6 years. A electric blanket is enough for four or five years. Multi -functional ten -speed temperature control prices are very favorable, with good quality and low price, and products are similar to rainbow. Everyone compares the price and function, whoever buys the cheapest.

Fourth, the Yumin ‍ 四 四 四 四 四 四 ‍ ‍


Yumin launched a black technology electric blanket that uses carbon fiber to heat up, and uses far -infrared rays to heat up. It is more layer of warmth and comfort. It is indeed different from ordinary heating methods. A socket, so there are no sockets on both sides of the bedside at home, you must consider it.

As for what you have seen

Antarctic people, Oaks, Hengyuanxiang, Arctic velvet, A.O. Smith, Changhong, Meiling and Rongshida

Waiting for brands, seemingly familiar big brands, are actually OEM tags, and some brands are diversified products, which are not professional enough.

Objectively, Sister Wow suggested that you buy the four brands that I mentioned on the electric blanket will be more suitable.

To put it one more, it is not good to say that the OEM is not good. The OEM is legal during the authorization period, but for our consumers, choosing a more professional vertical brand will take less detours and use it more. Are you happy?

The brand and products are selected, and then teach you how to use electric blankets “correctly and regulate”. Don’t experience the wrong experience when you use the wrong experience, you need to blame the brand and product problems. In addition, the electric blanket is a special product for plug -in heating, how long it should be used in use.


1. Open the electric blanket for half an hour before going to bed ‍

Although many brands have achieved power -off protection measures, we can still perform artificial power off, turn on the electric blanket to warm the bed before going to bed, and close it directly. The protection measures for power failure are mainly used for special circumstances, such as sleeping in a hurry, and forgetting to disconnect.

2. Don’t close the skin of the electric blanket 2


It is best to cover a layer of blankets or sheets on the electric blanket. You must know that the low temperature of the skin can be burned for a long time. And the calories are too concentrated in the bed for a long time, and the experience will not be particularly good.

3. Don’t fold the electric blanket at will ‍

Just fold to storage electric blankets according to the lines bought. Do not fold the electric blanket at will like clothes. After all, there are many wires in the electric blanket. Do not move.


4. Cleaning electric blankets are particular about 电

Can’t machine washing, water, can’t be dried, like down jackets, it is recommended to wipe it with a small brush on it.

5. Some people are not recommended to use electric blankets

Although electric blankets are safe, do not use diabetes, people with heart disease, and pregnant women and children. In other words, it can be used, but do not use it often and alone.

Come and talk, what brand of electric blankets do you use now?

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