Anchor afternoon tea 12.27: The standard of good underwear is whether it can be a tie rope at the critical time

The anchor after the anchor is a gaming circle newsletter in Youjiu E -sports every day. Earlier, it has been widely circulated in the circle of friends of e -sports people in the form of pictures. At about 10:30 am every day, countless fanatics who love e -sports have eaten fritters and pancake fruits in our lunch tea. I hope you should not be stingy. Don’t throw too much eggs and tomatoes!


◆ 撸 Circle anchor

1. The bitter smile means that a pillow that wipes the nose with a convenient paper means, “Otherwise, there are other times, I don’t understand.” I thought about it. “

2. The evil deeds of Mlxg late at night have become routine. Water friends disdain: “Hi, you can eat you, you can be able to eat fat.”

3. I am surprised to ask the fans about how bad the fans are. The water friends can’t help but tease: “It’s worse than the videos you made, you think about it. “,”

4. The ancient hand feathers who were in a hurry to buy the ticket early in the morning wearing the wrong socks. After learning about it, the water friends teased: “I have been scanned, hurried, put it in the wrong clothes socks, deserve it!”

5. The old driver next door to Pharaoh once again threw his thoughts to the fans. Water friends did not agree: “Close our pebbles.


Xiaozhi who went out of the hospital said that the second -tier anchor returned strongly. At the beginning, he could finally lie down and live broadcast. When the water friend distressed, he joked: “The foreskin shed, and the gorgeous return -Xiaozhi’s rebirth road.”

◆ The knife ring anchor

1. The dog brother who traveled abroad took a picture of holding his arms holding his little lion. The water friend joked: “It’s really a lion to be deceived by the dog.”

2. Burning borrows fans to praise their handsome opportunities to attach their handsome world. The water friends said: “Our small fire people are died by the small flames every day.”

3. When the DOTA players who have passed the birthday in the near future accidentally missed Sylar when they had a recent birthday. Water friends teased: “Do things, dairy D, do you want a story too?”

4.longdd, a lot of MU who followed the birthday to celebrate the celebration, indicating that it would be too late to live. The water friend’s “open outdoor” request was ignored and choked: “Xiaolong people are homeless!”

5. Tortured by a sanitary napkin advertisement to the unreasonable brother Tao said, “Can I use it?”, Water friends said: “Don’t try to hang quality games, purify the DOTA environment from me. Hello everyone, welcome Watch Hai Tao taught you to change the first season of sanitary napkins. “

◆ Comprehensive information

1. After being invited to commentary, Bi Ranger said that after watching the card team of the two sides, it was a script of the naval vs. pirate pirate.

2. The pure black of the later consciousness gave the fans a blessing to the fans after Christmas. The water friend scornly said: “The young master’s reflection arc is the shortest I have ever seen.”

3. Liu Kuji became a scandal with a certain beauty anchor. The water friend teased: “Liu Khanji kissed the Mei Qiqi’s hands. As a result, Ye Zhiqiu was pregnant. The child was Wang Fengrou’s boyfriend. of.”

4. Losing the game and failed to go to the Maldives, the Pharaoh expressed apologetic to the fans. The water friend was fortunate to say: “Fortunately, I didn’t win, I went to Malaysia for a year.”

5. Xuanzi Lingji, who couldn’t find the head rope, tied his hair with his underwear. The surprise of the water friend Xuanzi said seriously: “The criterion for a good underwear is whether it can be a tie rope at a critical moment. “

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