The “Transformers” in the high -speed rail came to my country’s first variable marshalate EMU.

Double -layer seats, large -scale vertical sleeper, business seats, and seat -to -seat conversion soft sleeper cars.

高铁中的“变形金刚” 来了 我国首列可变编组动车组具备出厂条件

Recently, my country ’s first variable carrier vehicle group completed all more than 60 factory tests at CCRC Tangshan Company. It has passed the unique variable -mouting verification and has the conditions for factory exits.

高铁中的“变形金刚” 来了 我国首列可变编组动车组具备出厂条件

Since the birth of the high -speed EMU for more than half a century, because technology cannot be broken, a relatively fixed grouping method is generally adopted. The power decentralized EMUs currently in our country use 8 or 16 carriage fixed grouping methods, which can only be operated and maintained.

The variable marshal vehicle group that is now appeared is praised by the fans as the “Transformers” in the EMU.

The minimum section of the variable -mouting EMU is two sections, that is, two power header. In the face of changes in passenger flow, if you want to expand the marshal, calculate the optimal combination of efficiency according to speed and power, and casually change the mortar and trailer cars in the range of 2 to 16, quickly customize the running of different speed levels, number of groups and seat configurations of different speeds, groups and seat configurations. EMU trains are as flexible as “building blocks”.

At the same time, the variable -mortar EMUs can flexibly cope with the ups and downs of passenger flow and passenger needs, and improve the cost -effectiveness and practicality of EMU trains. For example, the long -layer vehicle, the double -decker car and the business seat car have increased by 50%, 33%, and 70%compared with the regular high -speed EMU; The lower layer adds an independent warehouse, which can realize small insulation, refrigerated containers and express mail, and the shortcuts of the bags, fill the blank of cargo cargo freight, and will have an impact on the logistics industry such as fresh products transportation, medical and health first aid.

In fact, high -speed rail technology starts in the West, began in Japan, in Europe, and flourished in China.

高铁中的“变形金刚” 来了 我国首列可变编组动车组具备出厂条件

“As a Japanese youth, I was proud of the Japanese Shinkansen, because the first high -speed rail in the world was born in Japan, but because of pride and complacent and self -proclaimed self -proclaimed, it was soon surpassed by China, including France and Germany and other high -speed rail countries.” A Japanese student said.

高铁中的“变形金刚” 来了 我国首列可变编组动车组具备出厂条件

Taking the EMU as an example, my country’s high -speed rail not only has the world’s highest operating speed and the largest network scale, but also has the world’s most advanced EMU trains. From the “Harmony” type Ⅰ to the Ⅱ, Ⅲ, ⅴ type and other series, to the 380 series, to the “Fuxing” — my country’s standard EMU with complete intellectual property rights, it has only spent less than 5 years. Essence

高铁中的“变形金刚” 来了 我国首列可变编组动车组具备出厂条件

Through independent innovation, my country’s high -speed rail has mastered a large number of core advanced science and technology, such as network control system technology and IGBT chip technology. The network control system is the “brain of high -speed rail”. It commands every movement of the train. It is another core component of the high -speed rail train. The IGBT chip is the core power heart of the high -speed rail train, similar to the CPU chip in the mobile phone. These two technologies have been subject to people and are now 100 % domestic.

At present, China’s identity as a master of high -speed rail development technology has spawned a new round of revival of the World Railway. Many countries hope that China will participate in its high -speed rail construction. The world’s traditional railway power Britain, Russia and other countries have reached a willingness to cooperate with China, and some projects have made important progress.

Author: Zhang Xiaoming

Edit: Zhang Yan