How to maintain the glass film guide and the glass film?

The glass film has entered the domestic market for many years. There are many glass film brands in the market. There are domestic and imported ones, which makes it difficult for friends who need glass films to choose. Select. Summer is here. At present, there are more and more people who need film. Whether it is home, office building, factory building, etc., it has been consulted one after another. Glass film.

1. It is recommended that consumers who purchase glass films for the first time, first look at whether there are dealers in the brand website. It is recommended to find some local dealer outlets on the official website. In this way, if your product is during the warranty period, it will be easier to get good Convenient service.

2. Brand refers to the maturity of the product’s quality in China, and has strong vitality in the industry. The general glass film warranty is two or three years, but the real good film warranty is at least five years or even 10 or even 10 It can be achieved every year, because the film is theoretically not faded.

3. High -quality cost -effectiveness is the only criterion you make a wise choice. The price is very cheap, the function is lasting, and the brand company is the scope that needs to be considered.

Tuodang glass film

Tuokangbang Company briefly talk about the maintenance of the glass film.

1. After the membrane is pasted, do not move the glass in three days.

2. In the fifteen days after the membrane paste, do not wipe the glass with water.

3. After the membrane is paste, you must not use a suction cup or a adhesive to fix any items. Do not paste the non -gum decoration on the glass.

4. Use a cleaning agent without ammonia ingredients to spray the surface of the glass film slightly and then clean. Soft cotton or paper towels gently dry the glass. Cotton cloth and paper towels often need to be wrapped, which contains

5. Because the glue is adhesive on the glass film, when it is instant or pasted, the glue or sticky glue left by these materials can be cleared. You can quickly remove these residues. The pure external use on the cotton/paper towels will quickly dissolve huge stains and fat fingerprints. If the stains are not washed, spray the cleaning solution again, and scrape the window film from top to bottom with soft rubber until dry until dry. Use a towel to dry the edge of the glass film.

6. Do not use hard rubbing boards, brushes, and sand -containing cloth to clean the glass film. This is easy to scratch, it will lose beauty, and it becomes ugly, and this is not possible to repair.


The above is the maintenance of Takuanggang’s glass film. Customers who need glass films can directly find Tuodangbang. They are professional for ten years to make glass films.

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How to maintain the glass film guide and the glass film?